2018/19 permits

From Monday 1 October 2018, permits for 2018/19 need to be displayed in all parked cars.

(2017/18 permits are invalid).

About the scheme

Staffordshire University has a limited number of spaces that are available on a first come, first served basis to car park permit holders at the City Campus in Stoke-on-Trent and the Centre of Excellence Stafford.  Parking at the Centre of Excellence Shrewsbury, Lichfield Campus and with partners is managed locally.

In 2011, car park management procedures were introduced on campus to respond to serious health and safety concerns.  The University chose to work with District Enforcement who remain our partner and who manage applications for car park permits as well as enforcement of parking charge notices.  Conditions apply in all University car parks, details of which are displayed on signage throughout the campus.

Car Parking Permits

Car park permit fees have been reviewed and for 2018/19, the fees will be as follows:

Full Staff Permit with up to 2 Cars£120
Full Student Permit with 1 Car£60
Student Resident on campus - Restricted to Clarice Cliff Car Park Only£60
Off-peak Permit [5pm - 9am]£40
Student Blue Badge Holder PermitFree of Charge
Staff Blue Badge Holder Permit up to 2 Cars£120
Staff Blue Badge Holder Permit Off-peak [5pm - 9am]£40

• Valid hospital parking permits will be accepted for on-campus parking for Health Sciences placement students
• Permit fees are non-refundable and there is no pro-rata option

A parking permit does not guarantee a space as the University has a limited number of spaces and is governed by planning law. If all University car parks are full then parking should be sought in alternative locations or consideration given to alternative means of travel. Details and support for sustainable travel can be found on the University website.

Anyone living within 2 miles of campus does not qualify for a permit unless there is evidence of exceptional circumstances.

2017/18 car park permits expired on 30th September, with the exception of permits issued to students joining the School of Health and Social Care in March.

Staff and Students can purchase a parking permit from the District Enforcement Website. On completion of the application process and following payment, permits will be sent to home addresses within 7 days.

To allow time for new and returning students to apply for their permits, the need for a permit to park on campus is suspended during Welcome Week. 

During the following fortnight, warning notices are issued. 

From Monday 1 October, 2017/18 permits are invalid and 2018/19 permits need to be displayed in all parked cars. 

Parking Permit Coding

Please note, Parking Permit coding relates to the following areas:

STO-CAnywhere on Stoke Campus, including residential areas
STO-RStoke Residential car parks 4, 5, and 6 only
STO-CCStoke Campus - Clarice Cliff only
BHLStafford Centre of Excellence, Blackheath Lane

Visitor Parking

Visitors to campus can obtain a one day visitors permit from the following locations:
• Leek Road Lodge (7:30 am - 4pm Mon - Thursday, 7:30 -12:30 pm Fri)
• Cadman Control Room (B001, Cadman Building) 
• Res Life Hub (Coalport Building) 
• Sir Stanley Matthews Sports Centre (Sports Centre visitors and members only)
• Stafford Centre of Excellence Student Hub/Information Point 

A new online visitor permit has been introduced from 1 December 2018, which will record car registration, date and time of visit, and will not require a printed copy to be displayed in the car. A register of permits issued to individuals will be recorded.

If you are visiting a staff member on campus then please email them directly asking for a visitor permit with your car registration plate; with this they might be able to arrange an online visitor permit in advance of you arriving.


Any temporary staff member engaged in an assignment of up to 1 calendar month is permitted to park for the fee of £10 for a month, once only.  Anyone engaged in an assignment of more than 1 calendar month is required to purchase a permit at the full fee, as above.

Car Parking Locations

Car parking spaces are available at the Stoke-on-Trent Campus on Leek Road, College Road and at Clarice Cliff on Lordship Lane.  Additional off-campus parking spaces will be available at Fenton Manor leisure complex. In Stafford, car parking is located at the Centre of Excellence at Blackheath Lane with overflow parking available at the New Beacon Group, Beaconside 8am-5:30pm.


Help and Advice

Please address any questions to