Academic Board and its Committees

Committee and Board Structure

The University's Committee and Board Structure comprises the Academic Board and its reporting Committees, together with the University Senior Leadership Team.

  • Academic Board
  • University Senior Leadership Team 

Academic Structure

The academic structure of the University is based around the following Faculties:

  • Faculty of Arts and Creative Technologies
  • Faculty of Business, Education and Law
  • Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Sciences
  • Faculty of Health Sciences

There are also a full range of Services designed to complement and enhance the work of the Faculties and provide in depth support for students and staff.

Research and Scholarship are fundamental to the work of the University and operates through a series of Institutes and Centres focused on individual Faculties. 

Terms of Reference

The Academic Board is responsible for:

  • Considering and advising the Vice Chancellor and Board of Governors, as appropriate, upon the planning, development, oversight and resourcing of all the academic work of the University, including teaching, research and knowledge transfer.
  • Reporting to the Board of Governors, through the Education Committee or directly, on matters both relevant to determining the educational character of the University and which may impact on the University's reputation or its financial health.
  • Oversight of the quality and academic standards of the educational provision, including matters relating to validation or accreditation by external bodies.
  • Considering the University Plan and its relevant sub-strategies and implementation plan.
  • Approving policies and procedures for the assessment and examination of the academic performance of students, including procedures for the exclusion of students for academic reasons (the 'Award Regulations')
  • Approving other policies and procedures relating to the conduct of students (the 'General Student Regulations')
  • Approving those individuals to be awarded honorary degrees each year
  • Advising on the procedures and criteria for the appointment and promotion of members of the teaching and research staff
  • Monitoring progress with implementation of the University's Access Agreement with the Office for Fair Access (OFFA)
  • As delegated to the Learning, Teaching and Assessment Committee, determining the criteria for the admission of students
  • As delegated to the Quality Committee, determining the appointment and removal of external examiners 


  • Vice Chancellor (Chair)
  • Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic)
  • Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research, Enterprise & External) 
  • Executive Director of Corporate Services
  • Director of Infrastructure & Deputy Chief Execuative
  • Director of Student & Academic Services
  • Deans of Faculty (4)
  • Director of Academic Policy and Development
  • Director of Partnerships
  • Director of Information Services
  • Director of Estates and Commercial Services
  • Director of Marketing & Public Relations
  • One member of each Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee (4)
  • One member of each Faculty Quality Committee (4)
  • Two elected members of University teaching staff
  • Two elected members of the professional support staff of the University
  • President of the Students’ Union (or nominee) 
  • Two student representatives, nominated by the President of the Students’ Union 

Academic Board Committees

There are seven main Academic Board Committees:

  • Quality Committee
  • Learning, Teaching and Assessment Committee
  • Student Experience Committee
  • Research, Enterprise and Advanced Scholarship Committee
  • Honorary Awards Committee
  • Student Disciplinary Committee
  • Professorial Conferments Committees