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Doug Rouxel


Doug grew up on the Channel Island of Guernsey, where he attended Elizabeth College and did his A levels at Guernsey Grammar School. There Doug was involved in sport (cross-country and middle-distance running), music and theatre.

In order to study for his degree, Doug moved to the mainland and undertook a degree in Music Technology at Staffordshire University. Following his undergraduate studies, Doug moved to Oxford, where he studied an MA in Composition and Sonic Art whilst working a number of administration jobs.

The first step on the career ladder for Doug was working as a lecturer at South East Essex College (now South Essex College of Further and Higher Education) in Southend. This is a role he worked in for 7 years, alongside undertaking his PGCE in Lifelong Learning at Essex University. In this time he was course leader for the degree provision in the Music Technology department, and led on the complete overhaul of the course portfolio.

Alongside his teaching and course development role, Doug was the Branch Secretary for the UCU branch at the college.

In order to pursue a career in Higher Education, Doug made the move to Staffordshire University where he works as a Lecturer in the Music and Sound area.

Outside of work, Doug is involved in party politics with the Green Party of England and Wales.

Doug is the academic staff-elected governor, as of August 2017.