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Steve Burgin


Steve Burgin is a Pro Chancellor of the University and former Chair of our Board of Governors.

He has worked in engineering for over thirty years and is now Vice President Europe for Strategic Accounts for GE Power.

Starting as a student apprentice with GEC in 1975, Steve has worked in the electricity transmission and distribution industry for most of his career. Working across a wide range of disciplines and management roles he became Commercial Director of GEC Alstom T&D Distribution Switchgear in 1993. Steve moved to ABB in 1996 as General Manager ABB Power T&D Ltd before moving to ABB Headquarters in Zurich as Business Unit Manager.

2001 saw Steve move back to Alstom in Paris to lead the worldwide project management business for distribution systems. Following acquisition by Areva in 2004, Steve was invited to be Country President and Director of Areva T&D UK, and subsequently to the  position of Regional Vice President NW Europe for Areva T&D.

A native of Staffordshire, Steve earned an honours degree in Electrical Engineering from Staffordshire University and is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Steve is married and has three daughters. He enjoys skiing, golf and keeping fit.