Prestigious award for pioneering programme

The Education Recognition Award, Lecturers Frank Dudek (centre), Chris Howard (left) and John Cowley (right) with their award

Computer network giant CISCO Systems Inc, has presented the University’s Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Technology with an Education Recognition Award, making Staffs the only UK University to be honoured in this way.

CISCO are the biggest manufacturer of internet hardware and were celebrating their 10 year anniversary of the academy programme.

The prestigious award was presented to the Faculty in recognition of its pioneering integration of networking skills within its undergraduate and postgraduate degree programme.

Dr Frank Dudek, Senior Lecturer and Manager of the CISCO Academy in FCET, said: “Cisco Systems entered into a partnership with the University’s computing experts more than seven years ago in order to establish a regional centre of excellence for the training of internet network specialists.”

Since 2000, FECT have been participating in the CISCO Networking Academy Programme, a global education programme that delivers computer networking skills.  Frank said: “We are very happy to have been given this award as it showcases our long-standing relationship with CISCO and will help to raise our international profile.”

“The faculty are now offering evening courses to take advantage of this training excellence and although they require some commitment in terms of time, a course like this could well be a passport to a new career or better job prospects.”

Recent figures from the Department of Trade and Industry show that there might be more than 20,000 jobs unfilled in IT this year, but with standards so high within the University, FCET should help make a dent in this figure when its highly trained graduates enter the employment market.

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