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About the project

OpenStaffs project diagram

OpenStaffs Open Educational Repository (OER) is a pilot project sponsored by JISC and the Higher Education Academy; it runs from May 2009 until April 2010. More information on this national programme

The project is part of a national programme funded by HEFCE and run by JISC and the Academy. The programme aims to make a wide range of learning resources created by academics freely available, easily discovered and routinely re-used by both educators and learners.

OER can include all types of resource: full courses, course materials, complete modules, notes, videos, assessments, tests, simulations, worked examples, software, and any other tools, materials or techniques used to support access to knowledge. These resources will be released under an intellectual property license that permits open use and adaptation

Benefits to contributors

Raise your profile and share your knowledge, your material will be accessible by a worldwide community.

The University

OpenStaffs aims to create a culture where open access to quality University learning resources becomes the norm rather than the exception.  During the course of the project issues around intellectual property policies and copyright will be addressed and policies and processes implemented to ensure that new objects are quality assured and catalogued with appropriate metadata tags so that they can be retrieved and reused or re purposed under Creative Commons license.

Open Staffs Final Project Reports

The JISC project page containing final project reports, general information and links to the formal OpenStaffs final report:



Project outputs from the OER Infokit can be viewed here:




Publications and Links

The following documents will explain more about the OER process and Staffordshire university's OpenStaffs project

Learn about the OpenStaffs project, what OER is, how to submit learning materials, quality assurance issues and how to address them, as well as the bigger OER picture (who is contributing and how across the country)

  • wall poster (DOC, file size: 598.5KB)  and interactive poster (PPT, file size: 1.5MB)  from the OER national programme meeting (20 October 2009)

OpenStaffs posters were displayed at this meeting, focusing on the initial stages of the project.

Other Useful Links

Copyright Guidance

Copyright FAQs as podcasts (listen to all 7 in less than 3 minutes)

  1. Who owns copyright? (MP3, file size: 435.54KB)    

  2. How long does copyright last? (MP3, file size: 331.45KB)    

  3. Where would you inquire about copyright clearance? (MP3, file size: 295.54KB)  

  4. What resources are covered by copyright? (MP3, file size: 213.92KB)   

  5. Web pages and copyright   (MP3, file size: 471.04KB)

  6. Movies and copyright (MP3, file size: 325.74KB)   

  7. Music and copyright (MP3, file size: 301.66KB)

More on copyright: webpages, interactive links and contact



  • OpenStaffs intends to contribute approximately 500 credits of learning material into both the institutional repository, Hive and JISC's repository Jorum Open.
  • New business models will be developed addressing reputation, marketing and recruitment through open access, to educational resources, created by the University.
  • Project website and final report


OpenStaffs Blog


The team

Project Directors:  Professor Mark Stiles (m.j.stiles@staffs.ac.uk) and Dave Parkes (d.j.parkes@staffs.ac.uk)
Project Manager:  Sarah Hall (s.d.hall@staffs.ac.uk)
Project Technical Manager: Sam Rowley (c.s.rowley@staffs.ac.uk)
Project Coordinator for IT support and infrastructure: Angela Cross (a.p.cross@staffs.ac.uk)

Senior Management Working Group (SWMG)

The SWMG are the project champions, promoting the benefits of the project in the University. Using their influence to direct the project and ensure that those involved contribute and liaise effectively. 

In addition to the project directors and the project manager the SMWG membership includes Gill Howland (Executive Pro-Vice Chancellor), Dr Astrid Herhoffer (Faculty Director – Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Arts, Media and Design), Dr Mike Hamlyn (Faculty Director – Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Technology) and representatives of project partners Blackboard and Giunti.

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