Be Inspired - Business Support and Development for Graduate Entrepreneurs

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Our vision is to create, sustain and build new and existing businesses, and to aid economic growth and stability in the West Midlands region.

Be Inspired brings our vision to life by engendering an enterprising collaboration of investors, entrepreneurs, business mentors, academics and industry leaders through business, networking and leadership events, and provision of springboard opportunities for new start-ups.

Be Inspired offers budding graduate entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their business with the full support (including training, mentoring, financial assistance and networking opportunities) throughout start-up and the first vital steps of growth. We believe that our innovative approach offers one of the best means of establishing your business and improving its chances of survival and growth for the future.

Our exciting schemes give help and support to graduates or alumni wishing to start their own business but applicants will need to demonstrate that they:

  • Are able to dedicate the time required to develop their business idea
  • Have the ambition, determination, creativity and desire to make it happen
  • Have a proven market need for their business idea
  • Can show the growth potential of their business proposal

For more information see the Be Inspired website.