Digital Forensics and Cyber Security

Digital Forensics

Photo of a 'flash box', used to reset phone operating system by wiping off specific settings and removing data

Data is a vital resource now and its protection against corruption, loss or theft is paramount.  Forensic computing focuses on the protection of systems and data from attack, the investigation where attack or misuse takes place and the recovery and reconstruction of data. 

You will also cover the legal aspects of Digital Forensics so that you will be able to present your findings as an expert witness.  Our graduates work for the police, home office and private companies plus other employers who need specialist protection.


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Cyber Security

Photo of forensic lab K111, revamped with new digital forensic equipment


Individuals and organisations gaining improper access to supposedly secure data can be very costly for the owner both literally and figuratively - it can even be a matter of life and death especially when terrorism is involved.  Securing computer systems against spying, malicious attack or inadvertent damage is vital to any computer system.  You will learn how to protect systems by establishing secure systems from firewalls to cryptography.  Any organisation that uses the internet or has a computer network has a security problem and needs people with these skills.

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Post Graduate Study


  • PgC/PgD/MSc Forensic Computing
  • PgC/PgD/MSc Computer Networks and Security