Show and Tell - Show at Staffordshire university

Show and Tell 2016

Staffordshire University's annual Art and Design Show took place between 10th-18th June 2016 on the College Road campus, Stoke-on-Trent.

The show celebrates the final-year work of students graduating from our range of art and design degrees.

This year's show was opened by Animation company Mackinnon and Saunders (Corpse Bride, Fantastic Mr Fox). 

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Film screenings

Films produced by Advertising, Film and Music Video Production, Experimental Film Production, Media (Film) Production are only available on-line.

It's a Wrap 2016 - Films  

Show publication

Show and Tell 2016 publication

Read the official Show and Tell 2016 publication.

Show and Tell 2016 (ISSUU)

Show and Tell 2016 (PDF)

Opening night photos

Naomi Mullins, Jane Foster with Rev Margaret Scarr-Hall and David Gage

Show and Tell 2016 was officially opened on Friday 10th June by Animation company Mackinnon and Saunders.

The annual Scarr-Hall Memorial Prize was won by Naomi Mullins (ABM) and Jane Foster (Fine Art). They are pictured with Chair of Governors, David Gage and Rev. Margaret Scarr-Hall. 

Show and Tell 2016 Opening night


Videos and news coverage

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Show and Tell 2015 Publication cover

Opening Night photos

Show and Tell Film Festival 2015 Channel - Watch all videos from our Media (Film) Production courses.

Video features

Jack Burford: Product Design

Cat Hayes (Stop-Motion Animation and Puppet Making)

Sarah Reeve (Photojournalism)

Show and Tell 2015: Animation


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About Show & Tell

Over a decade of talent celebrated and still going strong.

Each year, the Art and Design Show at Staffordshire University celebrates the work of over 300 students graduating from our range of art and design awards.

Exhibiting subject areas include Animation and VFX, Cartoon and Comic Arts, 3D Design, Surface Pattern and Textile Surfaces, Fine Art, Photography and Photojournalism, Media (Film) Production, Graphic Design and Illustration, Advertising and Brand Management, Product and Transport Design, Foundation Year in Art and Foundation Year in Design.

The show is celebrated with a grand opening by an esteemed guest. Previous shows have been opened by Emma Bridgwater,  Eamonn McCabe (Photographer), Matthew Rice (Painter and Author) and Barry Purves (Oscar nominated Animator).