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The Staffordshire University Logo

Our corporate logo is just one of our brand elements, but visually it is the most important. Care must always be taken to ensure it is correctly used.

The Staffordshire University name and logo are both registered trademarks. The correct use of both name and logo is essential. If you are at all unsure, please do not hesitate to ask.

Seeking permission

  1. Usage of Staffordshire University’s visual brand elements on any printed items must be approved by the Brand Manager – email t.j.deville@staffs.ac.uk
  2. Usage of the Staffordshire University logo in social media must be approved by Digital Marketing - please contact digitalmarketing@staffs.ac.uk

Using the corporate logo on a coloured background

The corporate logo can appear on a coloured background. When the logo appears on a white background always use the colour logo. When the logo appears on a red or black background always use the white logo. Avoid printing the logo on colours other than white, black or red wherever possible.

Using the corporate logo on a photographic background

When printing the corporate logo on photographic backgrounds always ensure the logo has maximum legibility. Ensure the logo appears on a calm area of a photograph. On light photographic backgrounds use the colour logo and on dark photographic backgrounds use the white logo.

Logo don'ts

To keep the Staffordshire University brand represented consistently and to the highest quality, do not alter the logo in any way.

  • Do not print part of the logo
  • Do not reposition the logo
  • Do not change the logo colours
  • Do not print the logo in another colour
  • Do not change the typeface or redraw the logo
  • Do not distort or stretch the logo in any way
  • Do not add a special effect to the logo
  • Do not print logo on another coloured background other than the corporate red or black
  • Do not print logo on a busy area of a photograph

Old logo

The previous "pennant" logo was phased out in 2005 and must not be used under any circumstances.

Permission to use the logo