John Cadman

Credited with being the father of the British oil industry, Lord Cadman was born in Silverdale in 1877, and was educated at Audley Grammar School and Newcastle-under-Lyme School before studying geology at the University of Durham.

Mining Background

Working in the mining industry for several years, Lord Cadman worked as the assistant colliery manager at Silverdale Colliery and was seconded to Trinidad and Tobago, where he was positioned as the Chief Mining Engineer for three years.

First World War

Lord Cadman advised the British Government on the importance of securing Persian oil supplies before the First World War, which resulted in warships using oil instead of coal.

As technical adviser, and eventually chairman of the Anglo Persian Oil Company, he was instrumental in developing the oil fields of Iraq during the 1920s and '30s.

Staffordshire Influence

John retained close links with North Staffordshire and the technical school in Stoke which became part of the North Staffordshire Technical College (now Staffordshire University’s Cadman Building).

The number of students attending the college increased and an extension to the college’s main building was erected in Station Road as a result and was opened by John on December 11th, 1931.