Global Games Jam

The Global Games Jam (GGJ) involves teams of designers from every continent simultaneously developing their own completely original computer games - in just 48 hours.

Students, staff and alumni from Staffordshire University have been pitting their creative skills against over hundreds of other organisations, companies and universities during the event for the last five years.

Hundreds of games have been created, before being uploaded to a dedicated system where participants are able to view and rate each other’s work from around the world.

"We have got very well respected games courses and fantastic facilities here at Staffordshire University, so it’s exciting to now be up on the global stage. The event has grown at the University and we are now one of the leading participants,” says Nia Wearn, senior lecturer in Computer Games Design.

"It’s a very creative event and it’s about fostering and developing links with other games developers and universities around the world."