Critical Pixel

Taking their first steps into the vast gaming world, Critical Pixel are a team made up of eight initial members from Staffordshire University who came together to achieve second place at Make Something Unreal Live 2013.

Tasked with developing a new original game which had a theme of genetics, the group developed PolyMorph in association with the Wellcome Trust and game developers Ninja Theory.

Gadget Show Live 2013

Praised during the final at the Gadget Show Live, the third person adventure platform game enticed the public and developers with its arresting visual style and immersive gameplay.

Mathew Tomkinson, Lead Programmer for Creative Pixel said: "We enjoy playing and making games, so it has been a long-lasting dream of ours to make a game like the ones we used to play when we refused to do our school homework or our chores."

Epic Games

"That is how this whole thing started. Epic Games offered us the perfect reason to get together and put our metaphorical money where our literal mouth is through their competition Make Something Unreal Live 2013.

"They also provided a conduit for our creativity: the Unreal Development Kit, which we have been using to develop PolyMorph, the game that kind of feels like the ones we used to play, but isn't."

New Developments

Having secured an Unreal Engine 3 license which would allow them to develop PolyMorph further, the team are working hard to bring news of exciting new features.

You can follow the team on Twitter for their latest news.