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Our next Computer Science in Schools conference is due to take place on Friday 1 July 2016. We will be releasing more information as it is finalised.

Keynote presentation 1

Stop scratching that computing itch and constricting the love of coding!

Stuart Ball @innovativeteach Microsoft Educator Network UK.

Stuart will bring an overview of some of the exciting and challenging things he has seen in the classroom recently.

Keynote presentation 2

Retrieving Data from Space - Cross Curricula Computing

Various staff and student reflect on the realities of the 2016 KMF Young Engineer of the Year.

2016 Programme

08:30 - Registration Networking and Refreshments

09:15 - Welcome Mr Robin Oldham - Staffordshire University, School of Computing

09:30 - Keynote presentation - Stop Scratching that computing itch and constricting the love of coding! Stuart Ball @innovativeteach Microsoft Educator Network UK

10:15 - Workshop Slot 1: Select one from the workshop offering* (some will run into Slot 2 to allow further investigation)

11:15 - Morning Refreshments

11:30 - Workshop Slot 2: Select one from the workshop offering*

12:30 Networking Lunch

13:30 - Retrieving Data from Space - Cross Curricula Computing

14:00 - Workshop Slot 3: Select one from the workshop offering*

15:00 - End

*final offering will be published 2 weeks before the event.

2016 Workshops

All are Subject to change.
Workshop Slot 1 (Choose 1)

  • Reaching computational thinking activities which do not need computers.
    A mix of participation and description; and a discussion on other ideas and the general issue of analysing problems to find algorithms which will produce solutions.
    Presenter - Charly Lowndes, AQA - event sponsor
    Location - R350

  • Experience of using micro:bits to narrow the gap for pupil premium
    Presenting team  - Richard Brownsnett, Mathew Bowker & Zulfacar Hussain PGCE School of Education - Staffordshire University
    Location – R313

  • A un-geek guide to setting up a Raspberry Pi
    This workshop covers from out of the box to making a Pi come to life.  We look at SD card set up; kit to connect to the Pi and explore what’s available when up and running.
    Presenter - Jonathan Westlake School of Computing - Staffordshire University
    Location - R312

  • Teaching, Track & Assess the theoretical elements of Computer Science
    This workshop will provide you with a flipped learning approach to supporting the learning of theoretical elements of Computer Science while enabling you to spend more lesson time on practical problem solving activities. Suitable for KS3/KS4.
    Presenter – Alan O’Donohoe CAS Master Teacher Exa.Foundation
    Location – R253

Workshop Slot 2 (Choose 1)

  • The reformed GCSE and A Level Computer Science qualifications which are to be delivered from September 2016
    Examination Board Insight and support
    Presenter - Vinay Thawait OCR – event sponsor
    Location - R255

  • Kodu, Touch Develop and maybe Minecraft
    Presenter – Stuart Ball @innovativeteach Microsoft Educator Network UK.
    Location – R253

  • BBC micro:bit with external sensors & outputs.
    Presenter - Nick McCloud
    Location - R313

  • JavaScript - programming for the Web
    See how to design and implement a simple fruit machine in JavaScript that selects random pictures to display on 3 reels and checks for a winning line, rewarding the user with additional credit when the pictures match.
    Presenter - Janet Lawton School of Computing - Staffordshire University
    Location - Room R119

  • Developing self-marking tasks in Computer Science
    Presenter – Gavin Craddock John Taylor High School
    Location – R350

Workshop Slot 3 (Choose 1)

  • Computer Science 2016 and beyond including - how to accommodate cloud infrastructures in centres (KS3,4 & 5)
    Presenter - Tim Brady - Pearson event sponsor
    Location – R119

  • Minecraft for motivation.
    Presenting team - Richard Walker & Derek Morrey - PGCE School of Education - Staffordshire University
    Location - R312

  • So, you've got a BBC micro:bit: but what next!
    This workshop explores a range of ideas for using the BBC micro:bit in and outside of the classroom including making music with the micro:bit, controlling your tablet or phone and consumable robotics. 
    Presenter - Simon Johnson CAS Master Teacher
    Room R253

  • Help me teach GCSE Computer Science!
    This workshop will provide you with a wealth of free tools and resources that you can use to enable you to develop your confidence & expertise teaching the GCSE.
    Presenter - Alan O’Donohoe CAS Master Teacher Exa.Foundation
    Room R255

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At Cambridge University Press, we are driven by a simple goal; to create resources for teachers and students to ignite a curiosity and love for learning. Our Computer Science resources include a brand new comprehensive suite specifically written for the new GCSE Computer Science OCR and AQA qualifications, the WJEC/Eduqas A/AS Level and Key Stage 3 Coding Club titles.
Our resources are designed to engage and motivate learners of all abilities, support navigation of the new assessment objectives and exams, and prepare students for the challenges of the new specification.
Our A/AS Level Computer Science resources show students how computer science relates to the real world, and support teachers in the transition from Computing to Computer Science. Created by an experienced author team of teachers, partners and advisers, our resources have a strong focus on independent learning, computational thinking, programming and problem-solving skills. Rich digital assets such as video tutorials and interviews demonstrate complex concepts and processes to students, while dedicated teaching resources support teachers with delivering the new course.

CISC 2015

In the meantime you can view the sessions that took place and and download keynote presentations from last year's event below.

On Friday 26 June, Computer Science teachers from local schools and colleges visited the University for the 2015 Computer Science in Schools Conference. It was a busy day of keynote speeches and interactive workshops.

2015 Workshops

Access to SQL
App Inventor 2
BBC Basic
Games Development Education to Industry
GCSE Computer Science OCR
Scratch & Python Tips


To take a peek at what went on – check out our photos on Facebook.