The Computing, Engineering, Sciences & Technology graduate exhibition

This year GradEX will include all of the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Sciences plus all the Technology students in FACT. 

GradEx Engineering and Sciences will be held on the Stoke Campus Friday 13 May 2016 and GradEx Computing and Technology in Stafford on Friday 13 May 2016 (details below).

GradEX is the work of graduating students - fully prepared to launch their careers in the outside world, their work is not only of a professional standard, but of a high professional standard.

Here you will find design and innovation in abundance - the result of hard work and the University's experience of over 40 years of delivering science and engineering degrees and 50 years of teaching computing.

Students from the Faculties of Computing, Engineering and Sciences and of Arts and Creative Technologies demonstrate their final year projects to industry, professional bodies and their friends and family.

2016 catalogue download (PDF, file size: 4.43MB) .

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