GradEx 2012 Judges


We are very grateful for the support received by our graduate exhibition from industry and professional bodies who have provided judges



Gradex judging


Engineering, Design and Automotive

Martin Garland
  • Klarius are providing Doug Bentley as a judge

  • Doug Bentley gained his MSc part-time in the Faculty while working at Klarius and is their Technical Centre Manager, UK

  • The Institution of Engineering and Technology has many links with the faculty from holding meetings here to accrediting our awards and Howard Evans is judging on their behalf. 

  • Nigel Clarke from Jaguar

  • Phil Brocklehurst from Perkins 

  • Dr Fahd Hashiesh  is coming from ABB

  • Louise Burns is coming from Bentley  as is Uday Senapati and Mark Waskett.

  • Craig Stone, who gained his degree here, is coming on behalf of IMPULSE Corporation Ltd

  • Dr Norman MacLeod will be with us on behalf of Alstom

  • Rob Marchant Mediche.  In 2009 Mediche, together with a development team from FCET, won the 'Impact through innovation' Lord Stafford Award with a web-enabled insulin injection pen.

  • Matt Rollins from Neuteq Europe


FX, Film and Music Technology

James Knopp Digital Film and 3D Animation Technology
  • Jill Keane and Jaimie Turner
  • Peter Billing 
    Altered Images 
  • Andy Hogben 
    Quadrant Visual Solutions
  • Les Bell 
    Quadrant Visual Solutions
  • Alan Roberts 
    Broadcast Project Research Ltd    
  • Scott Ralph   
    Daft Dog Productions 
  • David Lowe 
    David Lowe Music
  • Graham Essenhigh MD  
    Bubble Production
  • Josh Moore  
    Envy Post   
  • Ben Haworth and Andrew Lord 
    Flipbook Studios  
  • James Knopp - faculty graduate 
    Market Place Post Production
  • Ben Wright Faculty graduate currently working at Burrows  
  • Rachel Daly and Alex Keane 
  • Dorian Jones 
    Aberystwyth University   


Games Design and Games Programming areas

Matt Jury audio input in games