Ann Daniels

Daniels Ann

Ann Daniels is a record breaking polar explorer who has been to both the North and South Poles and now intends to be the first woman in the world to ski to the North Pole solo and unsupported. Having had no previous exploration experience Ann decided to sign up to a polar expedition and hasn't looked back since.

The Honorary Award of DUniv was bestowed in recognition of her achievements in polar exploration.

Record breaking explorer Ann Daniels, has been to both Polar Regions and now intends to break one of the few remaining polar records – to be the first woman in the world to ski to the North Pole solo.

Ann first set her sights on the Polar wastelands in 1995 when she beat over 200 applicants in an SAS style selection process to take part in the 1997 McVities Penguin Polar Relay.

Her team managed to double the target mileage and set the relay off to a fantastic start. From then on, Ann fell in love with the Polar Regions and the challenges of expedition life.

She later returned with four other women from the relay and put together an expedition to walk to the South Pole. After the 700 mile journey across the most inhospitable continent in the world they became the first British women’s team to complete the walk.

These expeditions gave Ann the experience in extreme conditions survival. In 2001 she became the first ever female British North Pole guide and led a team of multinational men through to the North Pole.

Ann’s polar adventures did not end here. In March 2002 she set off with two team mates on an all the way expedition to the North Geographic Pole. They suffered unimaginable temperatures, huge pressure ridges, storms, frostbite and carbon monoxide poisoning before one member had to be airlifted out. However, the two other team members battled on to reach the pole after 80 days of travel.

In 2005 Ann returned to the North Pole on a solo expedition but after 21 days and 124 miles, she had to be airlifted from the ice after Russian political intervention stopped all expeditions. Nevertheless, this has not stopped preparations for a new attempt to become the first woman in the world to walk to the North Pole solo and unsupported.