The Lord Wedgwood of Barlaston

The Lord Wedgwood of Barlaston

Lord Wedgwood is a direct descendent of Josiah Wedgwood, the 18th century “father of pottery”. Born in 1954, Piers Wedgwood served in the House of Lords for more than 20 years - until 1999 - as the fourth Lord Wedgwood of Barlaston.

In addition to his Parliamentary activities, Lord Wedgwood has enjoyed a successful military career where he received the rank of Captain in the Royal Scots, the Royal Regiment.

Lord Wedgwood maintains his links with Staffordshire through Wedgwood. He first began working for the company in 1970 with a summer internship and in 1980 began a full time role.

In March 2009, following a period in administration, the company was purchased by KPS Capital Partners, a US based private equity firm. Wedgwood continues as part of the new company called Waterford Wedgwood Royal Doulton (WWRD).

Lord Wedgwood said: “I continue to support the marketing and sales efforts in all markets around the world. In 2009 we celebrate the extraordinary heritage of Wedgwood during the 250th anniversary and my role will be particularly busy as the company starts a new and exciting era.”

An authority on Wedgwood and the art and industry of English pottery making, Lord Wedgwood divides his time between the UK and Philadelphia where his daughter attends a special school.

He added: “My travels regularly bring me back to Staffordshire and the home of Wedgwood at Barlaston. As I feel a strong connection to the business and the area, it is exciting to celebrate a legacy of great innovation and design with a focus on the needs of contemporary consumers.

“As 13 generations of my family have been involved in pottery, I feel as though I have clay running through my veins. You can find Wedgwood all around the world and so I always feel linked to the region wherever I go.”