'Finding Treblinka: Archaeological Investigations at Treblinka Extermination and Labour Camps' by Dr Caroline Sturdy Colls

Monday 27 January 2014, 6pm

At the extermination and labour camps at Treblinka in Poland, the Nazis murdered over 800,000 people.  When they abandoned the camps in 1943 and 1944, they tried to hide the traces of their crimes.  This resulted in the popular perception that the camps had been destroyed and no systematic attempt was made to locate the evidence of the crimes or to find the graves of the victims.  At last year’s Holocaust Memorial Day Lecture, it was outlined how historical and archaeological research has proven that a considerable body of evidence from the camps does survive. 

This lecture will present the results of the 2013 season of archaeological work at Treblinka, as part of which further non-invasive survey and minimally invasive excavations facilitated the discovery of the gas chambers and allowed mass graves to be marked for the first time.  It will be demonstrated how the forensically accurate picture of the camps that is emerging can be used in the future for commemoration, re-interpretation and education.

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Date and timeMonday 27 January 2014, 6pm
VenueScience Centre, Leek Road, Stoke-on-Trent Campus
Admission Free
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