5 things your Personal Statement needs

Your interest in the subject

You should be showing why you want to study the subject and tell us what you've read or participated in to show us your genuine interest. This could be by reading around the subject area, talking to someone in the relevant profession or gaining some relevant work experience.

Your personality

Personal statements are, well, personal. so it should be original, it should sound like you, and it shouldn't be like the examples you might have seen online. Be confident in who you are and what you want to achieve.

Your value-added skills and learning

Tell us what you've been doing to develop your awareness and understanding of the subject above and beyond the requirements of your current study or work.

Your experiences

It's not what you've done, it's what you think about it or learned from it that matters.

Your focus

Always remember to answer the question "why should we give you a place on the course?" rather than just writing about yourself – every bit of the personal statement should be answering this question.