Visa and Immigration Advice

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Information and Advice: Tier 4 Applications


UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs) contains all the information you need to be able to complete a Tier 4 application, whether you are making your application inside or outside of the UK.

You can access this information by clicking here.




Tier 4 Visa Application: Financial Evidence Documents


You may be required to submit financial evidence as part of your Tier 4 application. The UKVI will be looking to see what money you have, and require you to provide this evidence in a certain way.

Please click here for our step by step guides on what is required.




Tier 4 Students: Police Registration Information


To confirm if you need to register with the police in the UK, please click here.

You must now book appointments online to complete your police registration. To create your online account and book your appointment date and time with Staffordshire Police, please click here.

For advice and information about completing a first time registration with the police, please click here.

To find out more about updating an existing police registration if your details have changed, please click here.

For further help and guidance, please click here.

If you need to contact the Overseas Visitors Registration Office (OVRO), please click here.




Tier 4 Students: Placement Compliance Check


You can read more about placements on our website here. Please read all the information and complete the online form here for a placement compliance check.




Tier 4 students: Travelling to Europe and Schengen Visas


If you are not an EEA national and want to travel to Europe, you may be required to apply for a Schengen Visa. Read the UKCISA guidance about Travelling in Europe.




Doctoral Extension Scheme


This scheme is designed to give students who have a Tier 4 (General) Student visa and have almost finished their UK PhD (or other doctorate qualification) an extra 12 months of Tier 4 immigration permission after their studies, to apply for jobs and work in the UK.

Basically, it’s a 12 month extension of your tier 4 visa, but you don’t study and you can work without restriction.

If you would like to apply for the Doctoral Extension Scheme, please carefully read our guidance (PDF, file size: 338.06KB) .




Inviting Friends and Family


If you want to invite your family or friends to visit you whilst you’re studying, then read our guidance  (PDF, file size: 181.7KB) to understand what visa they should apply for, common reasons why applicants might be refused, and what documents you should give them to help with their visa application.




Visiting the UK for Graduation


If you and/or your family need a visa to attend your graduation ceremony, then we have written guidance to help you understand what kind of visa you will need, what documents are required, and common reasons why applicants might be refused. Remember, if your visa expires before your graduation then you will need to return home and apply for a new Standard Visitor visa to come back to the UK for your ceremony. This is all explained in our guidance (PDF, file size: 175.09KB) .




Short Term Study Visa


A short term study visa is for students who are required to study in the UK for a period of time less than 6 months. Please read the guidance from UKCISA about short term study visas.

To request a letter from the University to support your short term study visa application, please click here.