University Disclosure Log

Date received Date due Date completed Information asked for Notes
2 February 20102 March 20103 February 2010The names of your:

Chief Executive
Director of finance
Director of Information technology
Director of Human Resources

Would it be possible to have a copy of / link to your most current annual report and business plan.

Also could you please tell me the total number of staff that are currently employed.
Gave the approriate names and sent link to approriate page on the Unuiversity website
3 February 20103 March 201018 February 2010How many students caught cheating in exams in past 5 yrs
How many students caught plagiarising in past 5 yrs
Details of punishments for above
How many marks docked
How many studies terminated
How many of above cheating were first offences
No stats on cheating cases in exams during past 5 years

Plagiarism caught in 2007/8
AMD = 35
BS = 47
CET = 97
HE = 6
LW = 0
SC = 4

In 2008/9
AMD = 46
BS = 57
CET = 91
HE = 17
LW = 14
SC = 4

Confirmed penalties varied between failed assessment to fail award
No student permanently excluded for academic dishonesty
No statistics regarding first offences available
8 February 20108 March 20108 February 2010No of starters Nursing Degree/Diploma 2005
No of completers Nursing Degree/Diploma 2008
E-mail with information sent to at 14.09 - 08/02/2010
16 February 201016 March 201015 March 2010This Freedom of Information request is to obtain figures related to the cost of student recruitment. I would be obliged if you could send me the following information for each separate year:
Year ending 2007
Year ending 2008
Year ending 2009
International recruitment
Travel Overall costs associated with international travel, including flights, hotels etc.
Advertising/Promotion All promotional materials associated with international recruitment only i.e. Would exclude standard prospectuses that get produced anyway.
Recruitment fairs/Venue hire Costs associated with a physical presence overseas.
Recruitment Agents Costs associated with overseas agents targeting students for the university. Please note, we require a summary of overall costs only, not individual deals with agents or agencies.
Other Total of any other costs, if applicable.

International revenue
Number of international students Total number of international students for the year.
Total international revenue Total course fees generated by international students.

Domestic promotion
Prospectuses - number Total number of prospectuses and brochures produced by the university.
Prospectuses - cost Total cost for prospectuses and brochures, above.
Other Any other costs for domestic student recruitment.
Sent approriate links to annual accounts and gave figures from Student Office and Marketing
13 February 201012 March 20103 March 2010Submitted claims to employment tribunal service, how many settled, how many involved, non disclosure clause. Total figure paid out6,2,2, All our legal charges are coded to a central charge and therefore we are unable to identify specific costs for these disputes.
12 February 201012 March 201017 February 2010Request information concerning experimentation on or
Other work involving live animals undertaken by the Staffordshire University
The University has no animals on any sites
26 February 201026 March 20109 March 2010Copies of the following documents:

ICT Strategy/ICT Business Plan
Procurement Strategy
Budget/Financial Plan Finance
Corporate Plan/Strategic Plan
ICT Strategy/ICT Business Plan - Attached. N.B. This is in draft at present
Procurement Strategy - Attached
Budget/Financial Plan Finance website URL
Corporate Plan/Strategic Plan - URL
25 February 201025 March 201015 March 2010Govdata is carrying out research into the Education sector specifically looking at Information and Communication Technology (ICT). We wish to request information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.
We would be grateful if you could provide the following details about your organisation, for clarification please see the italics below
1. Total annual ICT expenditure for 2008/2009
2. Annual expenditure on hardware for 2008/2009
O Annual spend on hardware includes desktop computers, laptop computers, fax machines, printers, servers, LAN switches, keyboards, hard drives, cables etc.
3. Annual expenditure on software for 2008/2009
O Annual spend on software includes applications software, operating systems software, database software, security and anti-virus software etc.
4. Annual expenditure on telephony for 2008/2009
O Annual spend on telephony includes call charges, exchange lines, telephone switches and support, telephone handsets, voice and data networks etc
5. Annual expenditure on ICT support services for 2008/2009
O Annual spend on support services includes IT consultancy, maintenance and support services etc
6. Annual expenditure on outsourced ICT services for 2008/2009
O Annual spend on outsourcing includes the delegation of non-core operations or jobs from internal production within an organisation to an external entity (such as a subcontractor) that specialises in that operation
7. Total value of ICT assets
8. The number of ICT staff
9. The names of ICT Procurement Director
10. ICT Chief Information Officer (CIO)
11. Service Transformation Director
12. Shared Service Director
13. A copy of your organisation chart for ICT Department
14. A copy of your contracts register for IT detailing all current contracts incl. Start date end date contract value suppliers name and contact details and contact details of contract manager
Sent attachements and links to approriate documents.
Removed costs and names of contacts