University Policies and Regulations

Academic Award Regulations

Academic Award Regulations (1-3) (PDF, file size: 464.02KB)
PhD Regulations (Supervised Research) (PDF, file size: 204.2KB)
PhD Regulations (Supervised Research 2014/15) (PDF, file size: 352.14KB)
PhD Regulations (Published Work) (PDF, file size: 85.42KB)
Professional Doctorates Framework (PDF, file size: 80.96KB)


Should you be registered on a course which is regulated by a professional body, you may be expected to adhere to a code of professional conduct whilst undertaking your programme of study. More information of these codes of conduct can be found here.

Other Academic Award Regulations

Procedure for Dealing With Breach of Assessment Regulations: Academic Misconduct (PDF, file size: 93.37KB)

Procedure for a Student to Appeal Against and Assessment/ Award Board Decision (PDF, file size: 70.37KB)

Extenuating Circumstances Procedure (PDF, file size: 333.82KB)
Examination Regulations (PDF, file size: 43.11KB)
Assessment Policy & Procedure (PDF, file size: 119.63KB)
Academic Dress of the University (PDF, file size: 31.33KB)
Conferment of Award of the University (PDF, file size: 39.54KB)
Conferment of Honorary Award of the University (PDF, file size: 38.19KB)
Recognition of Prior Learning Procedure (PDF, file size: 110.24KB)

General Regulations

 General Regulations (PDF, file size: 167.54KB)
Student Disciplinary Procedure (PDF, file size: 73.27KB)
Student Behaviour and Fitness to Study Policy (PDF, file size: 234.37KB)
Student Complaints Procedure (PDF, file size: 96.78KB)
Fitness to Practise Procedure (PDF, file size: 87.04KB)
Tier 4 Sponsor Policy (PDF, file size: 168.58KB)
Library and Information Service Regulations (PDF, file size: 38.37KB)
Health and Safety Regulations (PDF, file size: 63.21KB)
University IT Regulations (PDF, file size: 43.63KB)
Internet Policy Statement (PDF, file size: 34.01KB)
Guide to Legislation Relevant to Computer Use (PDF, file size: 55.05KB)
Credit Control Policy (PDF, file size: 82.85KB)
Licence Agreement (PDF, file size: 200.46KB)
Regulations and General Information for Student Residing in University Accommodation (PDF, file size: 192.92KB)

Other Policies


Student Charter (PDF, file size: 41.85KB)
Placement Practice Learning Policy (PDF, file size: 101.84KB)
Reasonable Adjustment in Assessment for Students with Disabilities (PDF, file size: 64.32KB)
Student Mental Wellbeing Guidelines (DOCX, file size: 247.88KB)
Freedom of Speech and Lawful Assembly (PDF, file size: 77.57KB)
Safeguarding Policy (PDF, file size: 99.36KB)
Prevent Policy and Procedure (PDF, file size: 92.42KB)
Records Retention Policy (PDF, file size: 118.39KB)
Timetabling Policy (PDF, file size: 97.09KB)
Personal Tutoring Policy
Equality Diversity & Inclusion Policy (PDF, file size: 423.65KB)
MPhil/PhD Code of Practice (PDF, file size: 132.21KB)