Payment of Fees 2018-2019

1 Introduction

This policy provides information on how you and different types of sponsors (e.g. Student Loans Company or an employer) can pay your tuition fees; if you pay them to the University. If you pay your fees to one of our partners, please contact them for information on how you can pay.

We (the University) strongly recommend that you plan how you will pay your fees at the earliest opportunity.  The payment options available will depend on your circumstances including (but not limited to):

  • The fee for your chosen programme of study
  • Whether you receive sponsorship, scholarship or bursaries; and
  • Whether you receive a Tuition Fee Loan or Tuition Fee Grant from the Student Loans Company (SLC).

You will need to pay your tuition fees during online enrolment unless any of the following apply to you: 

  • We receive evidence that you have a tuition fee loan or grant from the Student Loans Company (SLC);
  • or you provide evidence of sponsorship from an approved sponsor; or
  • you are eligible to pay your tuition fees in instalments (see Section 2)

2 Tuition Fees: Student’s Responsibility

Tuition fees are payable in full at enrolment or within 28 days of an invoice being issued unless acceptable instalment arrangements have been agreed.

If you are responsible for payment of your own tuition fees you may be eligible to pay by instalments if the tuition fee is for more than £750.00. Details of acceptable instalment plans are shown in Appendix 1.

Instalments will be taken by recurring credit/debit card payments using details lodged during enrolment or via the University payment portal. If you who do not wish to pay by this method, you must contact Financial Services.

Paying your fees is an important part of your relationship with the University and we will take action against you if you default on instalment arrangements or fail to pay your fees. See Credit Control Policy for additional information.

3 Tuition Fees: Employer or Organisation Sponsored

When your fees are being paid by an employer, a third-party organisation or a government body they are known as a sponsor. The sponsor must provide written evidence of the sponsorship in the form of a purchase order or official letter for each year of your course. To be a valid sponsor the purchase order or sponsor letter must:

  • Be on the sponsor’s official letterhead
  • Clearly state your name
  • Include the sponsored amount or the % of the proportion sponsored
  • Detail the academic year(s) for sponsorship
  • Detail the course or programme
  • Provide full details of where the invoice should be sent
  • Be signed/approved by an appropriately authorised person
  • Quote purchase order number or reference number

An invoice will be issued to the sponsor and they must pay in full within 28 days from the invoice date as instalment arrangements are not available to third party sponsors. If the sponsor is funding less than the full amount of the tuition fee, fails to pay or withdraws sponsorship for any reason then we will ask you to pay any outstanding amounts.

If the sponsor refuses to pay the fee, then the debt will revert to you after 90 days of the sponsor’s invoice being due for payment, and it becomes your responsibility to pay in full. If the sponsor later goes into liquidation or receivership and is unable to pay, we will work with you to find a suitable payment arrangement, but we will not waive any outstanding tuition fees.

Please note, we do not consider family members or friends as third-party sponsors and you will be treated as a self-funded student.

4. Tuition Fees - Student Finance England / Local Authority Sponsored

If you have or are intending to apply to Student Finance to pay your fees in full or in part, you must apply direct to Student Finance for each academic year of your course of study within the published timescales. You are also responsible for ensuring you agree to the terms and conditions stipulated by Student Finance, failing to do so might result in loan payments not being made.

Once Student Finance agrees to fund a student, they will notify us directly and make payment via the Student Loans Company (SLC)

If you who have not yet secured Student Finance funding by the time of enrolment you must declare your intention to do so during enrolment. Until the SLC confirms funding to the University, you will be responsible for the tuition fees due. If funding is not confirmed within 28 days of enrolment, an invoice for the fee will be issued to you and the procedures outlined in The Credit Control Policy will commence. You remain liable to pay any proportion of fees not covered by a tuition fee loan or grant and will receive an invoice for the amount to pay.

5. Professional and Career Development Loans

We will accept payment of all or part of your tuition fees if who have successfully applied for a Career Development Loan. You must provide written evidence of your loan when you complete enrolment. You should send the loan payment schedule quoting relevant payment dates and amounts to Until written confirmation of the loan is received, we will treat the you as self-funding.

6. Methods of Payment

We accept a range of payment options which offers flexibility to you.

Please note that if we need to issue a refund we will return funds to the person or organisation that originally made the payment unless there are exceptional circumstances.

To ensure we can identify which student payments refer to, you should always give your name, student number and invoice number as a reference when making any type of payment. If no invoice number or type of payment is referenced, we will match the payment to the oldest invoice on our records.

        Payments can be made by the following methods: 

  • By debit or credit card via 
  • By debit or credit card via telephone on 01785 353536
  • By bank transfer, please contact Accounts Receivable for details; email to or telephone on 01785 353536
  • By cheque, made payable to Staffordshire University and mailed to Financial Services, First Floor, Blackstone Building, College Road, Stoke on Trent, ST4 2DE

For your safety, and due to our limited facilities to store cash we would respectively request that you avoid paying in cash. 

7. Help and advice

Any questions regarding payment of fees can be directed to the Accounts Receivable team on       01782 294212 or by email to

Appendix 1: Instalment Plans 2018/19


Home/EU Undergraduate & International Distance Learning Students At EnrolmentInstalment 1 = 33%Instalment 2 = 33% 
Autumn/September intake 34%9th January 2019 1st May 2019
Spring/January intake 
34% 1st May 2019 5th June 2019
Summer/April to June intake 34% 5th June 2019 2nd October 2019

International Students (except Distance Learning Students) Deposit Prior to enrolmentInstalment 1 – At enrolmentInstalment 2 = final 50% 
Autumn/September intake £3500.00Make up to 50% of fees payable 30th November 2018
Spring/January intake £3500.00 Make up to 50% of fees payable 30th April 2019
Summer/April to June intake £3500.00 Make up to 50% of fees payable 30th June 2019

Home/EU Postgraduate Students At EnrolmentInstalment 1 = 33%  Instalment 2 = 33%
Autumn/September intake 34% 30th January 2019 1st May 2019
Spring/January intake  34%1st May 2019 4th September 2019 
Summer/April to June intake34% 4th September 2019 4th December 2019

Payment of Fees Policy 2018-19

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