Film, photography and folklore feature in Show and Tell 2014

"It’s a very personal project of the death of my relationship, the image tells a story, all the characters are carefully positioned to depict the monumental demise, showing loss and ego."

Kim Roberts, BA(Hons) Photography

Photography born out of a bitter divorce, ceramic animals from folklore and Lego Batman and Sherlock Holmes film trailers are just some of the work making up Staffordshire University’s annual Art and Design Degree Show.

Kim Roberts, studying BA(Hons) Photography, explains how her recent divorce provided inspiration for her final-year project titled The Temptress and the Deathbed.

The exhibit is one of hundreds on display at the University’s College Road site. Show and Tell 2014 opens on Friday June 13 prior to Saturday’s opening to the public.

Loosely inspired by the artist Robert Lenkiewicz's self-portrait 'Death Bed', her image depicts a dead man surrounded by girls, each represented as a pin up characterised by aspects relating to her divorce.

Kim explains: “It’s a very personal project of the death of my relationship, the image tells a story, all the characters are carefully positioned to depict the monumental demise, showing loss and ego.”

“It came about through talking to friends about how they would want to be portrayed and one spoke about being on their deathbed and it went from there.”

Kim, who lives locally in Leek, hopes that Show and Tell 2014 can help her pursue photography opportunities in the future.

Jasmine Simpson from Stoke-on-Trent studying BA(Hons) 3D Design has designed ceramic animals from folklore for her final project. Jasmine has also been commissioned to develop a range of ceramic cows by CowParade after meeting the director of the international art phenomenon during a university trip to design trade show, Ambiente in Frankfurt.

“Studying here at Staffordshire University has given me opportunities to work with different companies. My final project focuses on ceramic figure pieces that are animals based on folklores that highlight the Staffordshire pottery industry.

“This has opened up professional opportunities to take forward into my future career and extends my portfolio of experience. I now have the chance to design my own cow,” said Jasmine.

Following in the footsteps of a Lego Inception trailer which became a viral success during last year’s show, BA(Hons) Visual Effects and Concept Design students have produced two Lego trailers for Sherlock Holmes and The Dark Knight Rises which are set to premiere at Friday’s opening.

Jan Korenko, Visual Effects and Concept Design Award Leader, said: “This year we had two incredibly talented teams to tackle very different films, The Dark Knight Rises and Sherlock Holmes. We started production by watching the films and we were able to identify the most iconic shots rather fast.”

“I am very proud and excited for the grand premiere to show both shorts to our families, friends and general public,” he added.

Show and Tell 2014 will feature the work of more than 300 Art and Design students from 20 courses including photography, crafts, graphics, animation and surface pattern.

Opening Times: Saturday June 14: 10am-5pm, Sunday June 15: 11am-4pm, Monday June 16: 10am-8pm, Tuesday June 17: 10am-6pm, Wednesday June 18: 10am-8pm, Thursday June 19: 10am-6pm, Friday June 20: 10am-6pm, Saturday June 21: 11am-4pm (Show closes).


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