Staffs film students collaborate to beat the clock

“The process aims to inspire filmmakers, encourage collaboration and demystify the production process."

James Fair, Senior Lecturer in Film Technology

A team of film makers from Staffordshire University are preparing to produce a feature film in just 72 hours on location in Birmingham.

A crew of 44 students and recent graduates will be aiming to shoot, edit and screen a 90-minute feature film titled, ‘The Confusion of Tongues’ in just 72 hours which will feature a high-profile cast, including Gemma Atkinson, Sadie Frost, Kate O’Toole and Ewen Macintosh.

Senior Lecturer in Film Technology, James Fair who has completed similar ventures in Melbourne with the award winning 'The Ballad of Des & Mo' and Galway with ‘Watching & Waiting’, said he hoped that by bringing the 72 Project home it would kick-start a debate on sustainable film production in the Midlands.

He said: “The process aims to inspire filmmakers, encourage collaboration and demystify the production process. Instead of working on a short film individually, in competition with other filmmakers, this project asks filmmakers to work together to create something that no person could achieve alone.

“This can encourage more sustainable projects and kick-start a strong industry in the area. It is an empowering process."

"What many people call the ‘pre-production’ is done beforehand, but the ‘production’ and the ‘post-production’ are squeezed into those three days,” he added.

At 9am on Thursday July 17 filming will commence with all post-production editing to be concluded 72 hours later on Sunday July 20 ready for the screening at 6pm at The Giant Screen at Millennium Point, the largest cinema screen in Birmingham.

The film developed by Staffordshire University MSc Digital Feature Film Production students is a farcical comedy set over one day in Birmingham and intertwines around various characters, all linked by their desire to win the jackpot in a local pub quiz. It is based upon the work of American Film Director and Screen Writer, Robert Altman.

251 backers have pledged more than £10,000 to ensure the film is created. The 72 Project is also being supported by Staffordshire University. The film will be available to download after its premiere on July 20.


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