Students' Lego Inception film trailer is a global hit

“The reaction to this has been phenomenal and it is fitting that we have hit the one million mark during the show’s opening night."

Huw Thomas, VFX Award Leader

A film trailer created for the hit movie Inception by Staffordshire University VFX students has clocked up more than 1.3 million internet views in just 10 days.

Seven final year students each contributed 150 hours to the project which ‘Legoises’ iconic scenes from the Oscar-winning film and which went viral within hours of being uploaded to the Vimeo website.

BA(Hons) VFX Visual Effects and Concept Design student Jack Bosworth, 22, said: “Every year the course does a Lego project and Inception is such a big well known movie. All the 3D software we used is industry standard but it all had to be generated from scratch and we all pulled together to get it completed.

“Our hand-in for the project was Wednesday and we uploaded it to Vimeo that same day. We never thought it would get this big although we sent the links to various people to get feedback.”

Among those to have commented on the trailer are Staffordshire University graduate Peter Bebb and Paul Franklin who won an Oscar for the visual effects on the box office smash Inception.

Commenting on Vimeo, Paul Franklin said: “The mirror gag is great - it actually looked like that when we shot the scene for real! Funny to see someone putting all the reflections back into the shot.”

The Lego Inception trailer can also be viewed as part of the annual art and design degree show Show and Tell which runs until Saturday June 23.

Speaking at the show’s opening, VFX Award Leader Huw Thomas said: “The reaction to this has been phenomenal and it is fitting that we have hit the one million mark during the show’s opening night.

“So far I’ve been emailed by a film company in Hollywood eager, have had a similar enquiry from a Montreal-based film company and will be talking this week with ZDF German TV. It’s great for the students, the course and the wider University as we’re being talked about worldwide.”

Jack Bosworth added: “Getting out names out in public is great and although we’re about to go our separate ways, we hope it will lead us to getting work in the industry.”

Pictured: Lego Inception team Hollie Price, Sidney Thibaul, Simon Stirrup, Sam Serridge, Jack Bosworth, Jack Milton, Pedrom Dadgostar.


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