Students play their cards right in Moonpig competition

"All 27 entries were received really well and had an enthusiastic response from the judges, giving some great debate and discussion."

Geoff Sanderson, Design Director at Moonpig

Design students from Staffordshire University have played their cards right to win an all-expenses paid work placement with top company Moonpig.

Leading greeting card website challenged students on creative courses at Staffordshire University to bring something new to the market and design a unique range of giftware.

From 27 entries housemates Emily Sproson, studying BA (Hons) Graphic Design, and Molly Turton, studying BA (Hons) Illustration, caught the eye of the Moonpig judges with their designs based on student life and have won a work placement at their London offices this summer.

Emily, 21 from Crewe, explained: “The brief was quite open and challenged you to find a niche in the market. So we had to find something that no-one else is doing but which also picks up on what Moonpig are all about.”

The pair found inspiration from living together in a large student house for their 'Gentle Reminders' campaign and used annoying habits of housemates as the basis for their range of giftware.

Molly, 20 from Derby, said: “We picked up on things that we get annoyed about like someone who always leaves empty milk bottles in the fridge. That's where the idea started – we went to make a brew and there was no milk left!

“These are things that you might not want to say to someone, so rather than leaving passive-aggressive notes we thought you could give them funny card instead! I think these are quirky, fun cards that appeal more to a younger audience.”

The range features cards for housemates who steal your socks, leave piles of unwashed dishes or use up all the washing detergent. It also includes designs for friends who 'make the best brew' or cook up Instagram-worthy meals. Keeping with Moonpig tradition, the cards can also be personalised with photographs or names.

Geoff Sanderson, Design Director at Moonpig, commented: "All 27 entries were received really well and had an enthusiastic response from the judges, giving some great debate and discussion. Thank you to all students for their efforts and enthusiasm and the whole team for the support – it was a very high standard!”

Moonpig also ran the competition at Staffordshire University last year and winners Claire Bennett and Sam Neville currently have designs available to buy from the website.

Emily and Molly hope their placement with Moonpig will provide them with industry experience which also leads to further freelance work, collaborations or placements.

“I think the placement is really going to open our eyes to how we could be working. Being in London it seemed a bit intimidating at first but actually it's a great opportunity to grab with both hands.” Molly commented.

Emily added: “We were doing it for ourselves rather than working towards the prize so to win is amazing. Moonpig is such a big company and such a good name to associate yourself with.”

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