PhD Programme

Much of the impact of research at Staffordshire University in Business and Management is accounted for by our current and recent PhD graduates. Most of our PhD graduates are in research-related posts; or, in some cases, have already moved on to senior leadership roles as varied as the Chief Economist of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Research Business Manager of the London Borough of Newham.

In the period covered by the current Research Excellence Framework (REF) (from January 2008), postgraduate research in Business and Management has been developed in two main areas:

  1. in applied economics; and, more broadly,

  2. in aspects of private- and public-sector management, including marketing and organisational change.

The programme in applied economics is the largest component of PhD research in the broad area of Business and Management, with 26 PhDs awarded between January 1st 2008 and September 2013. PhDs in management, in fields other than in applied economics, make up 9 awarded since January 1st 2008. For purposes of the 2014 REF, these constitute the PhD research that demonstrates the vitality of the research environment in the Business and Management unit of assessment. In addition, there are three PhDs in the Economics of Education, which while completed as part of the Applied Economics programme contribute to the Education unit of assessment.

The following links take you to more detailed information about the PhD programmes in applied economics and in management, including PhD topics, publications arising from PhD research, prizes and awards for PhD research, and the subsequent employment of our PhD graduates. You will also find a detailed record of every PhD awarded in applied economics since 2001 and in business and management since 2008. These records include associated publications and current employment.

The following link offers general course information on the Business School's research degrees and details on how to apply.