The Crowdlaw resources below are designed to introduce current sports law concepts in a friendly and easy to understand manner. As such, they will be particularly useful for school and college students and educators. Each topic has several resources:

  • A table detailing how the Crowdlaw resource fits with school and college courses

  • A two-page factsheet outlining an introduction to the topic

  • Two pages of practical activities to try out

  • A worksheet (with downloadable answers)

  • A game, quiz or activity sheet based on that topic

The resources are provided free of charge as Open Educational Resources (OER) under the Creative Commons Scheme: 

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The full list of 50 sports law topics will be uploaded over the summer, send an email to if you wish to be notified when the page is updated with a new resource.

The eventual aim is for the resources below to be expanded with your ideas and resources. If you think you have anything suitable and you wish to add it to our collection, please send it to the email address above. Similarly if you have any comments or suggestions as to how these resources can be improved, please let us know.

Defining Sport

Curriculum Links


Worksheet (PDF, file size: 501.83KB)

Worksheet answers (PDF, file size: 506.73KB)

Practical Activities (PDF, file size: 568.3KB)

Paired card game (PDF, file size: 620.57KB)

Is Cheerleading a Sport?

Curriculum Links


Worksheet (PDF, file size: 343.27KB)

Worksheet answers (PDF, file size: 430.03KB)

Practical (PDF, file size: 506.42KB)

Trumps card game (PDF, file size: 290.87KB)

Trumps card (blank) (PDF, file size: 247.12KB)


Performance Enhancement Technology

Curriculum Links (PDF, file size: 451.55KB)

Factsheet (PDF, file size: 709.93KB)

Worksheet (PDF, file size: 412.69KB)

Worksheet answers (PDF, file size: 510.34KB)

Practical Activities (PDF, file size: 560.29KB)

Wordsearch (PDF, file size: 274.87KB)

Wordsearch answers (PDF, file size: 317.26KB)