Angelo Cascella

Personal Details

  • Date and place of birth  January 1966,  Rome

  • Citizenship:   Italian

  • Office Address    Via Napoli n. 4, Vicenza 36100, Italy

  • Professional e-mail:

  • Mobile number:   (+39) 347- 37.73.911

  • Telephone and fax office    (+ 39)0444.322298; (+39)0444.322151

Work History

  • 1990-1996 Junior Associate Law Firm “Studio legale Fratelli Carpagnano”,  Barletta

  • 1996-2008 Senior Associate Law Firm Avv. Claudio Pasqualin and Andrea D'Amico.   Cooperates with Sporting Agency APM s.a.s. and P.D.P. s.r.l., Vicenza. Legal representative of professional top level players and clubs for international players' transfers,  sport employment contracts, sponsorship contracts, and advertising.

  • Specialized in Sport Law, deals with cases and arbitrations at the Italian Federation of Football Games (F.I.G.C.), the Professional Football League  (Lega Calcio Italiana), the International Federation of Football Associations (F.I.F.A.), the Football Association of the Premier League (England), the  Tribunal Arbitral du Sport in Losanna (T.A.S.), the Italian Olympic Committee (C.O.N.I.), representing  Football Clubs, Trainers  and many famous players registered with top level clubs such as Inter, Milan, Juventus, Roma, Chelsea, Middlesbrough, Lazio, Glasgow Rangers, Atletico Madrid.

  • Legal assistant of ASSIST, a Female Association who promote and protect all the contractual aspects of professional and amateur athletes.

  • Consultant for Italian companies and foreign companies in Italy in arbitrations, joint ventures, international private law cases, company sales and mergers

  • Cooperates with  international Law Firms, Embassies  and Consulates

  • Specialized in UE Laws, gives legal advice in favour of private and Public Companies  to get loans and funds from EU.

  • Member of C.A.E. (European Arbitration Court)

  • Lecturer at the S.B.S. Master (Strategies and business for sport) in University of Venice with Benetton Group,

  • Lecturer at the University ISDE of Madrid,

  • Lecturer at the University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria,

  • Lecturer at Sole 24 Ore Master Course

  • Counsel of Italian Federation of Tennis (FIT)

  • Registered on Vicenza's Bar Association

  • 2011 Arbitrator of C.A.S., Lausanne

  • Member of “CAS Ad hoc Division” at the UEFA EURO 2012 Final Round in Poland

Universities Courses and Conventions

  • May 2003: Lecturer at “Course of Sporting Law ”, held at the University of Padova

  • June 2003: Joint Speaker at the seminar “Sport law in the European  development”, organized by Association LAI, held in the Court of Bari with the  participation of Ugo Villani, Professor of Law in the EU in the University “La Sapienza”, Rome, Dr. Antonello Capone, President of Italian Order of Sports Journalists and expert of Sport Laws of the “Gazzetta dello Sport”, the judge of  the Pool Antimafia, DR. Emiliano, held in Bari

  • September 2003: Lecturer  al “Qualifying course for Players' Agents ” held in Rome

  • May 2004: Lecturer at “Course of Sporting law ”, held at the University of  Padova

  • September 2004: Lecturer at  “Qualifying course for Players' Agents” held in Rome

  • April 2005: Lecturer at the “Course of Sporting law”  held at the University of  Padova, under the sponsorship of Italian Olympic Committee (C.O.N.I.)

  • June 2006: Joint Speaker at the seminar “Sports laws today: new legislative trends and new jurisprudential directions”, with the participation of  Dr. Francesco Abate, President of Verona Court of Justice, Att. Mattia Grassani, expert in Sport Laws and Professor Guido Martinelli, contract teacher of Sport Laws in the University of Ferrara, held in Bologna

  • April 2007:  Lecturer at the “Course of high specialization in Sport Laws ” held in Rome and organized by E.S.E. (European School of Economics)

  • October 2007: Joint Speakers  at the seminar “Sport Laws: the fight against doping in the European Union legal context”, organized by A.N.F. (National Forensic Association) and the A.E. (Avvocati per l’Europa),with Dr. Pino Capua, President of the   Anti-doping Commission of the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI), Att. Stefano Rubeo, President of the National Forensic Association, Dr. Sergio Rizzo, Vice Director  of  the “Corriere dello Sport “, held in Rome

  • October 2007:  Lecturer  at the  Master Course of “Law and Economy in sporting phenomena”, organized by Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria , with the sponsorship of Italian Olympic Committee  (C.O.N.I.)

  • December 2007: Lecturer  at the S.B.S. Masters  course  in “Strategies and Business for Sport ”, organized by Verde Sport S.p.a. (Benetton Group), and University Cà Foscari,  Venice.

  • April 2008: Joint Speaker at the conference  entitled “The role of Sport in the European Union: social commitment, economic impact, and the fight against doping”, (University of Padova) with Avv. Auletta, President of TAS-CAS

  • May 2008:  Joint Speaker in Rome at the seminar on the subject: “National and European Sporting Law”, organized by the Ass. Euromediterranea, with the Judge Ferdinando Imposimato, President of the  Supreme Court and Mennea, ex world recordman holder, Member of the European Parliament in Brussels 

  • September 2010: Lecturer  at the S.B.S. Masters  course  in “Strategies and Business for Sport ”, organized by Verde Sport S.p.a. (Benetton Group) and University Cà Foscari,  Venice

  • November 2011: Lecturer at the Master Course “The FIFA Player Agents”, by Sole 24h (Rome)

  • March 2012: Joint speaker in RAI Radio Uno on the theme “Match fixing in football”

  • April 2012 Lecturer inTrani for A.GI.FOR. at the Seminar on the subject “Professional athletes: image contracts, employment  contracts,  sponsorships and arbitrators”

  • April 2012: Lecturer at the Master Course in the University ISDE of Madrid “The role of Agents and their relationships with athletes”

  • September 2012: Joint speaker to the Debate on the subject: “Criminal football”

Education and Titles

  • 2010: Course in “EFLIT – English for Law and International Transactions”

  • Post Lauream: 1996 Two years Master degree in  “Law and Economics in the  European Community ”. Degree thesis title: “Free Circulation of professional sportsmen in the EC Area – Bosman Case”, University of Bari

  • 1995 Masters  in “Sports Management”  LUISS University,  Rome

  • 1994: Qualifying examination and enrolment on the register of “Football players' agents”, F.I.G.C., Rome and F.I.F.A., Zurich

  • 1994 Course in “European principles and communitary law ”, Forensic School, Bari

  • 1993: Qualifying examination and registration on  the Lawyers' Register

  • Degree certificate: (1990) Law degree taken up with specialization in International Studies, University of Bari

  • School leaving certificate: (1984) High school specializing in scientific studies,  Barletta (BA)

Selected Publications

  • (2012) “The relationship between players and agents according to the last Regulations”

  • (2010) “The profession of FIFA Players Agents’: studies of Regulations” in 

  • (2009)  Interviewed by the Spanish newspaper “EL PAIS” for the article “El calcio se oxida”

  • (2008): “Sports laws”,  book edited by Att. Leandro Cantamessa, Vice President Milan Football Club and published by Giuffrè.

  • (2007) “Assisting sportsmen in the EU”,  book edited by Att. Pietro Mennea, published by Giappichelli

  • (2007) Interviewed by the Spanish newspaper “EL PAIS” on an article concerning the fiscal  laws amongst European Sporting Clubs with title: “Jugar con ventaja”.

  • (2005) article on review” entitled “Illegal duplication of fees for players' agents”

  • Programmes, interviews  and mentions on televisions (Raisport, BBC Sport, CNN, Sportitalia, Teleregione), newspapers (Gazzetta dello Sport, Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport, Il Messaggero, l'Unità, Sunday Herald), reviews (GQ, il Mondo, Guerin Sportivo ), press agencies (Ansa, ADN Kronos),  Italian web-site (,  and foreign web-site (, The


  • English: excellent

  • Spanish: excellent