ATF Textiles Ltd - Innovation Voucher Case Study

“The Innovation voucher has highlighted to us the quality of our own products. We have updated our marketing plan and identified that there is a need for the development of new products and services. Staffordshire University have been and continue to be incredibly enthusiastic, helpful and innovative.”

Tony McNulty, Director, ATF Textiles

Innovation Vouchers provide companies with a pathway to access the innovation they need to develop a specific area of the business. At Staffordshire University Innovation Vouchers act as a very important catalyst for businesses’ first engagement with our knowledge base. The speed from application to project approval makes it an easy and accessible way for businesses to quickly benefit from university level expertise.

Stafford based ATF Textiles Ltd applied for an Innovation Voucher with Staffordshire University to enable them to conduct business analysis, identify company priorities and develop and test textile technology.

The company was incorporated in 2005 with the objective of capitalising and commercialising the export potential of the technology involved in the concept of pucker and wrinkle free garments. In-keeping with the company’s leading role within the garment industry, key opportunities were identified to increase market share by introducing new and innovative products. In order to achieve this and remain at the forefront of the textile apparel market, ATF needed to grow and focus on process development.

ATF worked in collaboration with the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science at Staffordshire University. Professor Peter O’Grodnik delivered two workshops for the company; to set priorities for marketing development, prioritise areas for strategic change and identify future planning and cost requirements. The objectives were to support the future development of the company and consolidate ATF’s technical leadership in the textile industry. The workshops were followed by preliminary testing and a progression meeting.

The impact achieved from the work delivered through the Innovation Voucher has exceeded all expectations of the project. ATF have experienced business growth, broadened their client and chemical supplier base and now import and export throughout the World. They are already saving money in the cost critical areas of distribution and packaging. Due to the successful outcomes of the collaboration, they would like Staffordshire University to become a ‘Centre of Technical Excellence’, supporting textile technical innovations.