Production Designs Ltd - Innovation Voucher Case Study

“The Innovation Voucher has highlighted to us our ability to complete technical research in the UK at an affordable cost. We have been really pleased with the delivery of the work through the project and would like to work with Staffordshire University again.”

Gerry Foskett, Managing Director, ProDes

Innovation Vouchers provide companies with a pathway to access the innovation they need to develop a specific area of the business. At Staffordshire University, Innovation Vouchers act as a very important catalyst for businesses’ first engagement with our knowledge base. The speed from application to project approval makes it an easy and accessible way for businesses to quickly benefit from university level expertise.

Production Designs Ltd (ProDes) manufacture high quality bespoke components from the Far East and other global sources. They take a design of parts and provide prototype development and cost effective production. The company produce pilot batches and small to high volume production for most component processes. ProDes applied for an Innovation Voucher to enable them to overcome technical barriers in product development plans, relating to the integration of LED technology. Specifically, their product ranges targeting the Assisted Living agenda. The company required assistance in designing and integrating the right LED components into their ‘smart bathroom’ basins and faucets.

ProDes worked in collaboration with the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science at Staffordshire University to help them to overcome the challenges they were facing. The Faculty were able to assist in the development of design criteria and best practise for cost effective electronic lighting on visual displays for use by vulnerable adults in the community. Senior Development Engineer Greg Powell undertook the testing of both LCD and OLED lighting options. Greg concluded that LED lighting would provide the brightest, most rugged and reliable design option and would also be the most cost effective to the company.

The impact achieved from the work delivered through the Innovation Voucher has been extremely positive. ProDes estimate that they can save up to £200,000 in cost reductions over the next 10 years and continue to meet high ISO compliance standards. The company have experienced growth, developed new products, created new jobs and increased their efficiency.