Research Funding Opportunities

External organisations can benefit from working in partnership with the University. There are various funding sources for research and development. Depending on your area of work, we may be able to partner with you to apply for funding from external organisations. If the grant application is successful, then we can work side-by-side on delivering projects.

Working with us can enable you to gain from the University's rich wealth of knowledge and can help strengthen your application. If you would specifically like to collaborate with a Staffordshire University academic, then contact:


Research and Development Funding - The Technology Strategy Board (TSB)

The TSB drives innovation and aims to make the UK a global leader in this area. They promote and invest in technology driven innovation that benefits businesses, sustainable economic growth and an improvement to quality of life. TSB have a variety of programmes where Staffordshire University could work with business collaboratively. Applications can also be made in Innovation Platforms, which focus on specific challenges within society that the government are tackling through policy, regulation, procurement or taking fiscal measures. You can join the Knowledge Transfer Network from TSB which brings together people from Universities , business, research, finance and technology to stimulate innovation through knowledge transfer. It is a great way to network, access information and funding opportunities and find out about policy and regulation. 


UK Research Councils

The UK Research Councils comprise of seven research councils who invest in a range of academic areas. They focus on research excellence and provide large amounts of funding a year, part of this funding is focussed on University-led research.

The University was involved in a Research Council project involving the Faculty of Health collaborating with AREVA T&D Technology Centre for a project researching the next generation of voltage source converter technologies. The focus of the project was to reduce the loss in voltage source converters to below 1% to reduce CO2 in energy delivery systems such as those used in wind turbines. This exceeds the Government expectations for low CO2.


EU Funding

EU Funding is provided by the European Union, the funding involves a partnership of companies and Universities. The University has recently being working with Italian based organisation CE.S.I.E. This company works towards the promotion of cultural, educational, scientific and economic development by using innovative tools and methods. Staffordshire University, CE.S.I.E and other European organisations have secured over €350,000 from the European Commission. They will be working together to produce a more effective way of improving people's skills whilst they are at work.


Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP's)

KTP's are part Government funded collaborations designed to help private sector businesses, public sector organisations and third sector organisations improve their competetiveness and/or quality of delivery, by accessing academic knowledge, expertise and resources within a University. This involves the formation of a partnership between an business or organisation (the business partner) and the University (the knowledge base partner). The partnership also involves one or more recently qualified persons (associate) to facilitate the transfer of knowledge under the supervision of the business and knowledge base partner.

The University has been involved in award winning KTP's. Read more about KTP's