Welcome to Everyone's ABC of Accounting Language

Author:Jayne Smith

Welcome. Everyone's ABC of Accounting Language has been designed at the request of our students as a tool to help take away some of the pain out of studying. You will find my email link at the bottom of this page and your comments are welcome. To start simply select a hot link and then you may choose how you wish to proceed by selecting from the list. If, at any time, you are unsure how to proceed , use the netscape BACK buttons to return to familiar material.

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 Accruals   Advertising   Asset    Bad Debts    Balance Sheet   Bank & Cash 
 Bank Interest  Capital  Closing Stock   Cost of Sales   Creditors  Current Assets
  Current Liabilities     Debtors   Accumulated Depreciation   Depreciation   Doubtful Debts charge   Doubtful Debts Provision 
 Drawings   Expenses  Fixed Assets   Fixtures & Fittings   Gross Profit   Land & Buildings 
 Light & Heat    Loan   Long Term Liabilities   Miscellaneous Motor Vehicles    Net Assets 
  Net Book Value   Net Current Assets     Net Profit   Office Expenses   Opening Stock   Overdraft 
 Plant & Machinery    Prepayments    Profit  Profit & Loss   Purchases  Rent & Rates
 Sales   Stock  Trading Account  Trading Profit & Loss  Travel Expenses Wages & Salaries 
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Testing Your understanding of the meaning and significance of the above words
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If you have comments or suggestions, email me at j.smith@staffs.ac.uk