Dr Heather Minchin

Job Title and Responsibilities

I am a Senior Lecturer in FACT (Faculty of Art and Creative Technology). My main responsibilities include MSc Award Leader and supervisor and tutor for the BSc Film Production awards based at the Stafford Campus.

About me

My practice includes sculpture, performance and the use of 16mm and 8mm film, digital video and experimental sound. I have developed sound, 3-D animation, text and spoken word pieces, for exhibition, installation, artist sound compilation CD, web and radio broadcast. I have also collaborated with other artists on sound and video production, video documentation, post-production, still image production and curated their work for exhibition.

I graduated from Staffordshire University in 1998 and was awarded a British Academy Studentship Award to study the MFA at Glasgow School of Art from 1998 – 2000. During my Masters degree I explored Deleuzian film philosophy and produced film, video, text and sound works. This combination of practical and theoretical research, led to my Doctorate in Film by Practice, from The University of Exeter. I was awarded a Bursary from Exeter, where I also developed and convened modules and supervised MA students by distant learning and taught film production skills to undergraduate students

My Fine Arts video and film making background, has enabled me to develop and encourage critical analysis and creative skills and techniques alongside the use of technology. I have also taught MFA and Undergraduate BA Students at Staffordshire University Stoke Campus.


2007 – 2013, Part Time PhD. Film by Practice, School of Film Studies, Department of Modern Languages, (University of Exeter). Title ‘Emotion in the Digital Age’: Bergson’s Creative Emotion and Metaphysical Methods for Digital Video Production. (Awarded July 2013 – pass without correction)

2005 - 2007, Part time MPhil/Ph.D. Fine Arts, Department of Fine Arts, (University of Loughborough) - transferred to University of Exeter.

2003-2004, PGCHE (Staffordshire University) – Pass with distinction

1998-2000, Master of Fine Arts (Glasgow School of Arts)

1995-98, First Class Joint BA Honours – Visual Arts and Women’s studies (Staffordshire University)


2009 – 2012, PhD Bursary Award, (University of Exeter)
1998 - 2001, British Academy Studentship Award.

Professional Memberships and Activities

2013 CMAT Applied Research Group Member
2007 Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.
2004 Registered Practitioner of the Higher Education Academy


Teaching specialisms includes film, video and sound production, editing, scriptwriting, Fine Art and Video Art.

My academic interests include Bergsonian and Deleuzian Philosophy, research into the neurological and biological influences on Gertrude Stein’s texts and more recently, Alfred North Whitehead’s process philosophy. All areas are underpinned by my interest in duration, intuition and unrepresentable creative emotion as creative potential.

Enterprise and Commercial Activities
Consultation on film, theatre and script production
Production and direction of script, sound and image for theatre and promotional video
Curation of Gallery Exhibition

Enterprise and Commercial Activities

Consultation on film, theatre and script production
Production and direction of script, sound and image for theatre and promotional video
Curation of Gallery Exhibition

Research and Interests

My creative work has spanned several mediums which include wood and stone carving, in particular the process of stone carving led to my interest in movement and the duration of the production of an artwork. Importantly, an intuitive approach, which seems to rely on an indefinable emotive force, informs my creation of film, video, sculpture, sound, text and performance work.

My PhD research explores Bergsonian notions of duration and the unrepresentable characteristics of creative emotion alongside Deluezian cinematic philosophy. This analysis of emotion traverses various historical and contemporary subjects that include philosophy, science, art and analogue and digital moving image technologies. The application of these ideas to the Deleuzian cinematic concepts of the movement-image and time-image further expands my exploration of digital and analogue cinematic techniques. Video and sound created for the research elucidates: movement, duration and change, coexistent time, memory and perception and intuition, the élan vital and creative emotion.

Selected Publications

2012 - ‘Method of Orange’ two screened audio-visual installation production for PhD with practice, University of Exeter
2011 – ‘Moments in a Journey of Speech’ – audio installation production for PhD with practice, University of Exeter
2010 – ‘In My Breath I Drew’ – video installation production for PhD with practice, University of Exeter
2009 – ‘Portrait of Myself’ – audio-visual installation production for PhD with practice University of Exeter
2008 - Consultant/Curator for Human Rights Barrister B.Temple Mixed media Exhibition, ‘Representing Refugees’ @ Matrix Chambers, Gray’s Inn, London.
2006 – Loughborough University – Public Research Presentation – William James and Gertrude Stein.
2001 – Scriptwriter, visual researcher and sound design for ‘The Institute of Marine Engineers, Scientists and Technologists’ promotion video (London).
2001 - ‘SOMETIME INSTANT’, Audio Production for RADIOTUESDAY Artists C.D. (Sonic Manipulation)
2000 - MFA GLASGOW, C.C.A., McLellan Galleries, Glasgow. Included: video Installation, sound installation and collaborative 8mm film projection with Kevin Murphy.
2000 - TOPOGRAPHICO READINGS, Intermedia Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland. (Vocal Performance)
2000 - RADIOTUESDAY series of broadcasts from Transmission Gallery, Glasgow. (Sound Work)
2000 - RADIOTUESDAY, Artist Radio Broadcast, Glasgow Scotland (Sound Works)
2000 – Director and Producer of Four Video Projections for Children’s Theatre ‘Giant Productions’ Glasgow.
1999 - BROKEN SPOKEN, The Polo Lounge, Glasgow. (Vocal Performance)
1999 – INTERIM, Mackintosh Gallery, Glasgow. (Sound Installation)
1999 – INTERIM, Newbury Gallery, Glasgow. (Video Installation)
1998 – VCR, Staffordshire College Road Film Theatre, Staffordshire. (Video Performance Work)
1997 - HIGHLY UNLIKELY, The High House, Staffordshire. (3D Animation)
1997 - NO ABSOLUTE, (Curator/Exhibitor: 21 Artists for International Women’s Day), Staffordshire University. (Exhibited Computer Generated Animation)

Current Teaching

Award Leader MSc Film Production Technology
Senior Lecturer BSc Film Production Technology


Heather Minchin
School of Film, Sound and Vision (Film Production Technology)
Faculty of Arts and Creative Technologies
Staffordshire University
Beacon Building
ST18 0AD
t: +44 (0)1785 353433
e: h.minchin@staffs.ac.uk