Dr Joanne Lloyd

Job Title and Responsibilities

Lecturer in Psychology

About Me

I graduated in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University (St. Hilda’s College) in 2002. I went on to do a PhD in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation at the University of Birmingham, in which I investigated route-learning techniques for people with acquired brain injuries, using non-immersive virtual reality software.

In 2007, I returned to Oxford University where I worked as a postdoctoral researcher, and then as a senior postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Psychiatry. There I carried out large scale web-based surveys of online gamblers, investigating problem gambling, motivations for gambling, comorbid mood and substance use disorders, and participation in other online activities. I also worked on a study of the health experiences of professional footballers in the UK. In 2013, I moved to the Nuffield Department of Population Health at Oxford University, where I worked on a qualitative study of treatment outcomes in schizophrenia.

I joined the team at Staffordshire University in September 2014 and look forward to taking on a more teaching-focused role, where I can share the skills and knowledge attained in my research career to date, and hopefully pass on my enthusiasm for Psychology to the students.


PhD in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation (School of Psychology, University of Birmingham, 2007)
Thesis title: An investigation into route learning techniques for people with acquired brain injury

BA (Hons) in Experimental Psychology (University of Oxford, 2003)


My expertise covers both qualitative and quantitative research, from large-scale online surveys and laboratory-based experiments, to in-depth qualitative interviews.

Research Interests

I am interested in mental health and psychological disorders, and in how disorders co-occur in some individuals. I am also interested in gambling, particularly online gambling, and in how differing motivations and activity preferences relate to problematic gambling. Other areas of interest include the relationship between physical activity and mental health, particularly mood, both in the general population and in people with psychological disorders with mood-related symptoms.

Selected Publications

Lloyd, J.; Doll, H.; Hawton, K.; Dutton, W.H.; Geddes, J.; Goodwin, G. M.; Rogers, R.D. (2012) Investigating the heterogeneity of problem-gambling symptoms in Internet gamblers. In: Routledge Handbook of Internet Gambling. Robert Williams, Robert Wood, & Jonathan Parke (eds.)

Lloyd J, Doll H, Hawton K, Dutton WH, Geddes JR, Goodwin GM & Rogers RD (2010). Internet gamblers: a latent class analysis of their behaviours and health experiences. Journal of Gambling Studies 26: 387-399.

Lloyd J, Doll H, Hawton K, Dutton WH, Geddes JR, Goodwin GM & Rogers RD. (2010). How psychological symptoms relate to different motivations for gambling: an online study of Internet gamblers. Biological Psychiatry 68: 733-740.

Lloyd, J.; Persaud, N., & Powell, T.E. (2009) Equivalence of real-world and virtual-reality route learning: A pilot study. Cyberpsychology and Behavior, 12(4) 423-427.

Lloyd, J.; Riley, G. A.; & Powell, T. E. (2008) Errorless learning of novel routes through a virtual town in people with acquired brain injury. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, 19(1), 98-109

Current Teaching

Undergraduate Psychology:

Foundations of Psychology
Perspectives in Psychology
Contemporary Issues in Psychology
Further Research Methods
Psychological Interventions
Level 6 Research Project Supervision


Dr. Joanne Lloyd
School of Psychology, Sport and Exercise (P/G, Partnerships & Distance Learning in Psychology)
Faculty of Health Sciences
Staffordshire University
Science Centre
Leek Road
Stoke on Trent
t: +44 (0)1782 298525
e: joanne.lloyd@staffs.ac.uk