Dr Martin Jesinghausen

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Senor Lecturer in English 

About Me

 My undergraduate degrees are in Comparative Literary Studies and Social Theory, followed by a PhD on 20th century theories of culture and an M.A. in Victorian Writing at Keele University. As a member of the English department of Staffordshire University my main areas of teaching are in 19th century writing, Modernism, Postmodern culture, and the theory and history of the theatre. I am module tutor for the Level 2 core module Literature and Modernity 1, which deals with the responses in 19th century English writing to the onset of modernity with its massive challenges.
I also offer Level 2 and 3 option modules on Victorian poetry and the Victorian novel, as well as on Modernist Prose and Postmodern Drama. My current research is on various systems of modern aesthetics as strategies of social reconciliation in Victorian Britain and Europe, with particular reference to the role of history in Victorian poetry.
My main publications are on:

• Writings on Art, Literature and Culture in Aby Warburg’s Library Circle
• Wim Wenders’s Wings of Desire and the Legacy of Modernism
• Political Implications of Theories of the Novel
• Benjamin’s and Foucault’s Readings of Poe’s and Baudelaire’s Notions of Modernity

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