Dr Maria Panagiotidi

Job Title and Responsibilities

  • Lecturer in Psychology

About Me

I studied Psychology at Pantio University in Athens, Greece, and after graduating in 2009 I moved to London where I received a MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience. I recently completed a PhD in Psychology at the University of Sheffield.

Before joining Staffordshire University as a lecturer I worked as a researcher psychologist at Arctic Shores, an award winning Manchester start-up (disruptHR, Innovate UK) creating psychometric mobile games.

I am interested in science communication and I have been involved in a number of projects (e.g. The Empathy Station with British Council Film) and organisations (Science Brainwaves) promoting public understanding of science.


  • PhD Psychology

  • MSc Cognitive Neuroscience

  • BA Psychology


Cognitive psychology and quantitative research methods.

Research Interests

My research interests are in the area of cognitive psychology. More specifically, I am interested in executive functions (prospective memory, multitasking, attention), gamification, time perception, and creativity in normal and atypical populations. My research employs a combination of behavioural testing, eye tracking, and neuroimaging (fMRI).

Selected Publications


Panagiotidi, M., Overton, P, & Stafford, T. (submitted). ADHD traits and distraction in the visual periphery.

Panagiotidi, M., Overton, P, & Stafford, T. (submitted). Multisensory Integration abnormalities in ADHD; Evidence from a study on a subclinical population.

Panagiotidi, M., Overton, P, & Stafford, T. (submitted) ADHD traits and fixational eye movements; increased microsaccade rate during a sustained fixation task in individuals with high ADHD traits.

Gilbert, S. J., Armbruster, D. J. N., & Panagiotidi, M. (2012). Similarity between brain activity at encoding and retrieval predicts successful realization of delayed intentions. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 24(1):93-105.

Panagiotidi, M. & Samartzi, S. (2012).  Time Estimation: Musical Training and Emotional Content of Stimuli. Psychology of Music,41(5):620-629.

Samartzi, S. & Panagiotidi, M. (2011). Interactive Relations among Time, Music and Emotion. Psychology, The Journal of the Hellenic Psychological Society, 18(1),104-11.

Conference talks (recent)

Panagiotidi, M. & Montefiori L. (2016, August). Gamified Version of the Simon Task. Paper presented at the BPS Cognitive Psychology Section Annual Conference in Barcelona.

Panagiotidi, M. & Montefiori L. (2016, August).  Does videogame experience affect performance on a gamified working memory task. Paper presented at the BPS Cognitive Psychology Section Annual Conference in Barcelona.

Montefiori L. & Panagiotidi, M. (2016, January). Face validity and perceived fairness of a profiling mobile game. Paper presented at the BPS Division of Occupational Psychology(DOP) Conference. Nottingham, UK



Dr Maria Panagiotidi
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