Dr Roozbeh Naemi

Job Title and Responsibilities

Associate Professor of Biomechanics

  • Coordinating inter-partner collaboration, knowledge transfer and staff exchange

  • Delivering technical and research training to the seconded staff from other partners.

  • Coordinating the implementation of the project and submission of deliverables

  • Directing the technical and research aspects of the implemented clinical trials

  • Offering learning and teaching support for the research degree programmes.

  • Facilitating project implementation through liaising between project partners.

  • Leading a number of Postgraduate modules at MSc level.

About Me

I joined Staffordshire University in early 2009. For the first two years of my employment, I was involved in implementation of Heelless project (FP7: Research for the benefit of SMEs: Grant agreement no. 222468). My role in this European-funded project was to engage with various Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) across the EU and to transfer academic knowledge.

I am currently the technical manager of DiabSmart ( EC funded Grant Agreement Number 285985, Industry Academia partnerships and Pathways, FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IAPP) project that has overarching aim of advancing scientific approach in the area of diabetic foot assessment and footwear prescription. My main role involves coordinating the knowledge transfer through staff exchange between partners from industry, academia and clinical sector. http://www.diabsmart.eu/partners.php


  • PhD University of Edinburgh, 2007

  • MSc Biomedical Engineering (Biomechanics), Amirkabir University of Technology, 2000

  • BSc Mechanical Engineering, University of Tehran, 1998

Professional Memberships and Activities

  • ISB (International Society of Biomechanics)

  • IMechE (Institute of Mechanical Engineers)

  • FBG (Footwear Biomechanics Group)


Biomechanics, Foot-ground interaction models, Mathematical Modelling, Mechanical properties of plantar soft tissue,  Footwear assessment.

Enterprise and Commercial Activities

  • iSole, instrumented-intelligent-interchangeable-inSole, System for Indicating Pressure on A foot. iSole focuses on user centrality and helps to measure and redistribute pressure on the foot with applications in clinical conditions like diabetes and in performance footwear. Filed  04.01.2012 UK Patent office GB 1200101.2

  • Shear Sole, Improvements in or relating to footwear.  This invention relates to improvements in footwear, and in particular to footwear adapted to reduce shear forces applied to the wearer’s foot. Filed 18.03.2014, GB1404795.5

 Reviewer of Peer reviewed journals:

  • Clinical Biomechanics,

  • Journal of Biomechanics,

  • Journal of Sports Sciences,

  • Journal of Applied Biomechanics,

  • Medical Engineering and Physics,

  • Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport,

  • Sensors.

Research Interests

  • My current research interests include biomechanical assessment of the plantar soft tissue during walking and development of models to assess foot/footwear interaction.  

  • The majority of my research and resulting publications has been based on original and innovative concepts in the area of Applied Biomechanics. I draw particular attention to the Hydro-kinematic method ( also the topic of my PhD thesis) which was published in Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, transactions of American Society of Mechanical Engineers. My other seminal contribution is on the development of a method for quantifying shoe-specific reaction model that contributes to the understanding of injuries and performance.

Selected Publications

Dr Roozbeh Naemi's full research profile (PDF, file size: 151.32KB) .

Selected Papers from Referred Articles in Academic Journals

  • Chatzistergos, P. E., Naemi, R., Sundar, L., Ramachandran, A., & Chockalingam, N. (2014). The relationship between the mechanical properties of heel-pad and common clinical measures associated with foot ulcers in patients with diabetes. Journal of diabetes and its complications, 28(4): 488-493.

  • Healy A, Naemi, R., & Chockalingam N. (2014). The effectiveness of footwear and other removable off-loading devices in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers or the alteration of biomechanical factors associated with ulcer healing: a systematic review. Current Diabetes Reviews, 10(4): 215-230.

  • Chatzistergos, P. E., Naemi, R., & Chockalingam, N. (2014). An MRI compatible loading device for the reconstruction of clinically relevant plantar pressure distributions and loading scenarios of the forefoot. Medical engineering & physics, 36(9), 1205-1211.

  • Needham R, Chockalingam N, & Naemi R. (2014). Quantifying lumbar-pelvis coordination during gait using a modified vector coding technique. Journal of Biomechanics 47, 1020-1026.

  • Błażkiewicz M, Sundar L, Healy A, Ramachandran A, Chockalingam N and Naemi R. (2014). Assessment of lower leg muscle force distribution during isometric ankle dorsi and plantar flexion in patients with diabetes: a preliminary investigation. in press. Journal of Diabetes and Its Complications.

  • Deshpande R, Elagiri Ramalingam R, Chockalingam N and Naemi R (2014). 3D Reconstruction for 2D Spinal Ultrasound Imaging: An Overview, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, 9(12):1829-1840.

  • Naemi R. and N Chockalingam (2013). Mathematical models to assess Foot-Ground interaction- An overview. Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise 45(8) 1524-33.

  • Naemi, R., Healy, A., Sundar, L., Ramachandran, A., & Chockalingam, N. (2013). A Combined Technique for Randomisation of a Small Number of Participants with a Variety of Covariates into Treatment and Control Groups in Randomised Controlled Trials. Journal of Clinical Trials.

  • Sinclair J, Naemi R, Chockalingam, N & Greenhalgh A (2014). Investigation into the kinetics and kinematics during running in the heelless shoe. Footwear Science, DOI:10.1080/19424280.2014.889221

  • Sinclair J, Franks C, Fau-Goodwin J, Naemi R & Chockalingam, N (2014). Influence of footwear designed to boost energy return on the kinetics and kinematics of running compared to conventional running shoes. Accepted for publication in Comparative Exercise Physiology.

Invited Lectures

  • Naemi R. (2014) The foot in diabetes: biomechanics and pressure distribution. Presented at The foot in diabetes – rehabilitation and prosthetic and orthotic management seminar organized by the International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics, Oslo, Norway 18th September 2014

  • Naemi R. (2011) Mathematical modelling to help design custom shoe soles and insoles. Invited lecture presented on the Orthotic Technology Forum, University of Bath, 19 - 20 May 2012

  • Naemi R. (2010) Modelling in lower extremity biomechanics, applications and challenges. Invited Lecture 21st Century Biomechanics, Langer Summer School, RX Laboratories 30th & 31st July 2010 , Wooldland Grange, Leamington Spa

  • Naemi, R. (2010). Mathematical modelling and its influence on footwear sole unit design. Presented at the 8th Staffordshire Clinical Biomechanics conference, 16-17 April 2010

Refereed and Published Conference Proceedings

  • Chatzistergos P., Naemi R., Chockalingam N. (2014). Patient-Specific Optimization of Insole Material Properties: A Pilot Study. Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Engineering and Applied Sciences Optimization,  M.G. Karlaftis, N.D. Lagaros, M. Papadrakakis (Eds.), p.p. 2498, Kos Island, Greece, 4- 6 June 2014

  • Healy A., Naemi R., Revathi T.,  Sundar L.,  Chockalingam N.,  Pillai A.,  Greenhalgh A,  Snehalatha C., Ramachandran A. (2014). Is there a difference in peak plantar pressures during walking in people with diabetes who have varying foot types, Diabetic Medicine, 31 (Suppl.1), P60.

  • Naemi, R.,  Healy A., Chockalingam N, Sundar L, Pillai A, Seeli Abraham C, Snehalatha C, Ramachandran A  (2013). The contribution of visual feedback to balance in people with Type 2 diabetes and neuropathy, Diabetic Medicine, 30 (Suppl.1), P139.

  • Naemi, R., Gerth, P., Deeney, P., Healy, A., Chockalingam, N., & Schulz, J. (2013). The effect of temperature on the rebound characteristics of material combinations commonly used in diabetic insoles. Footwear Science, 5(sup1), S91-S93.

  • Healy, A. Healy, A., Chatzistergos, P., Needham, R., Naemi, R., & Chockalingam, N. (2013). Comparison of design features in diabetic footwear and their effect on plantar pressure. Footwear Science, 5(sup1), S67-S69.

Peer Reviewed Conference Presentations

  • Naemi R, Linyard-tough K, Healy A, Chockalingam N. (2014). Efficacy of a slow recovery insole in reducing plantar pressure during walking gait. Presented at XIX International Conference on Mechanics in medicine and Biology, Bologna, 3-5 Sep 2014.

  • Chatzistergos, P., Naemi, R., Sundar, L., Chockalingam, N. (2014) High values of fasting blood sugar are linked to the degradation of the mechanical behaviour of plantar soft tissues: An in-vivo experimental study   40th PanHellenic Medical conference 15-17 May, Athens, Greece

  • Hill M, Naemi R, Branthwaite H and Chockalingam N. (2014). The Relationship of Arch Height to Foot Length, Possible Implications for Shoe Design, Presented at the 12th Staffordshire Clinical Biomechanics Conference, 1-3 May 2014. Stoke on Trent, UK

  • Linyard-tough K, Naemi R, Healy A, Chockalingam N. (2014). Influence of variation of insole material characteristics on plantar pressure during walking, Presented at the 12th Staffordshire Clinical Biomechanics Conference, 1-3 May 2014, Stoke on Trent, UK

Current Teaching

MSc in Clinical Biomechanics

Module Leader:

  • Tissue Stress 

  • Diabetic Foot Biomechanics

  • Research Methods and Methodologies

  • Mechanics of Injury in Sport

Principal supervisor
Sara Behforootan, Start date: March 2014,
Thesis title: Mechanical analyses of Diabetic foot for clinical use (a Finite Element approach).


Dr Roozbeh Naemi
Associate Professor
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Faculty of Health Sciences
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t: +44 (0)1782 295879
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