Support throughout your studies

Student Guidance

We have a team of friendly, approachable Student Guidance Advisors who can help you with any problems or questions you may have whilst studying at Staffordshire University.

You can talk to us about anything; whether it is a personal problem or an academic issue. We offer quality advice and guidance to you across a very broad range of issues including academic rules & regulations, extenuating circumstances, appeals, processes in the student lifecycle (withdrawal, intermission etc), student welfare, student attendance and finance issues and much more. Find out more at:

Wellbeing Support

Our team of advisors are here to support any student experiencing wellbeing difficulties.  All students who feel they may benefit from our service can use it.  If you are experiencing feelings of being overwhelmed, problems are piling up or you have a personal difficulty that you are struggling to cope with, the wellbeing service can help support you.

The emphasis of the support we provide is on working with students to develop practical strategies to help deal with any obstacles encountered to academic progression or personal issues.

If you feel uncertain about the suitability of our service, we encourage you to contact us as we may be able to help. We know that each person's wellbeing difficulty can affect them in different ways so the support we offer is flexible and tailored to each individual. Find out more at:


We all experience problems and difficulties that affect our mental wellbeing and as a student, you may well find yourself experiencing such difficulties.  These difficulties might be related to issues and events at university or they might be connected to previous experiences or issues in your personal life.  Counselling offers the opportunity to talk to someone in a supportive setting, hopefully enabling you to find ways of managing or overcoming your difficulties, so that you can fulfil your potential in your studies and enjoy your time here at Staffordshire University.  Find out more at:

Residence Life

Residence Life here at Staffordshire University strives to make your time here on campus the best it can be. We promise to provide a safe, affordable, and comfortable place to live... but why stop there?

This place is full of kind, smart, funny, caring people from all over the world and we want to use that to create the best community that you can be a part of. Find out more at:

Academic Skills

Academic Skills are all about helping you become a more effective learner at University level and developing the research and study skills that will help you now and in the future. 
Developing good academic skills will help you achieve the academic success that reflects your full potential.  Most of the skills you will develop during your studies are transferable to future careers, so can help you even after you have left Staffs Uni. - Find out more at: