Information, Advice and Guidance Activities

At Staffordshire University we believe in opening young minds. That’s why we’ve created a detailed programme of activities designed to inspire, engage and inform your students about life at university and their graduate career options.
The activities outlined here are designed to be combined in any way you think will best engage your students. While you can pick just one or two, we recommend choosing a number of related talks and activities to create a themed event that will leave them excited and much better prepared for the road ahead.

To make a booking or discuss how you could approach a bespoke event at your school or college, just give our dedicated Schools and Colleges Liaison Team a call on
01782 292773 or email


Applying to University

Learn more about the UCAS process from start to finish in these talks.

Why HE?

Why Choose Higher Education? Where to go? What to study? What can be expected from student life?

The Student Life Talk

Our Student Life talk is a great way to get your students fired up about all the possibilities that lie ahead!