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Placement and Mentoring Programme - helping you to improve your employment prospects!

This programme offers an opportunity for students from Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) backgrounds to get valuable work experience and access to a workplace mentor. 

Applications for the current programme have now closed.
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Diversity is all about celebrating the wonderful mix of human life. 

The information on this page has been compiled to provide support for those who may face specific issues within the graduate job market.

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Access to Work can help you if your health or disability affects the way you do your job. It gives you and your employer advice and support with extra costs which may arise because of your needs. Follow the link below to check if you qualify for Access to Work:


The UK introduced age discrimination legislation covering employment and vocational training when the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations came into force on 1 October 2006. The Regulations cover many aspects of working life from recruitment to retirement and pension. The legislation generally makes it unlawful to discriminate against a person on grounds of their age. However there are some exemptions.  Follow the links below for age-related information and advice:


Nearly one in five people of working age (7 million) in Great Britain are disabled. Source: The Office for National Statistics

Employers are increasingly eager to accommodate the UK’s 11 million disabled people into the workforce, although barriers to employment do still exist.  Find more information below:

Please find linked below 'Get that job - a guide for graduates with disabilities'


Statistics about the number of students and graduates with criminal convictions are not readily available, but many people have been found guilty of an isolated offence . . . others have been through a period during their youth which resulted in a pattern of offences.  Source:  Diversity Matters - Ex-offenders.

Whatever your circumstances, follow the link below for information and guidance.  You can talk to a Careers Adviser in complete confidence if you need some advise about how criminal convictions could affect your career.


Women and men, including transsexual people, have the right not to be discriminated against at work because of their sex. Follow the links below for information and guidance on sexual equality issues.

Mental Health

Being employed can be good for our mental health. It provides identity, purpose and satisfaction, friendship, structure and an opportunity to meet goals and contribute to society.  Source:  Time to Change  Follow the links below for information and advice on employment and mental health.  You may also want to follow the links in the Disability section above.

Race and Ethnicity

The law is clear that racial discrimination should have no place in employment. Many companies have adopted policies and procedures to support this aspiration. But cause for concern persists.  Source:  Prospects

Follow the links below for information and advice concerning race related employment issues:

Students and graduates from other countries face their own set of specific issues when finding work in the UK.  Follow the links below for more information. 


Religion and Belief

It is against the law for an employer to discriminate against you because of your religion or belief. You are also protected against harassment or victimisation at work. Follow the links below to find out about your rights and what you can do if you are treated unfairly because of your religion or belief.

Sexual Orientation

Prejudice concerning sexual orientation is still prevalent within society and the workplace, but the Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003 have made an impact. The regulations cover both discrimination in selection and promotion in employment and the equally significant issue of harassment. Employers have a responsibility not only to act fairly themselves but also to prevent hostile activity, such as bullying, being carried out by employees.  Source:  Prospects


Information for Employers

Thinking of recruiting?  Follow the links below for an overview of the issues surrounding your responsibilities as an employer.

Need help recruiting?  Contact the Careers Centre Employment Team via JobZone, email jobzone@staffs.ac.uk


Diversity Job Websites

Find below links to a selection of diversity job websites.


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