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Freelancing, Commissioning, Consulting or Starting a Business

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If you would like to find out more about the option of taking your career into your own hands then get in touch with the be Inspired team; a specialist 'start up' team within your Careers service.  Come and have an informal chat with Dot, Cath, Clair or Chelsea . . . there's always tasty snacks around!

be Inspired offers students, graduates (from any year) and staff all the help they need to become successfully self-employed; whether that's commissioning their work, freelancing (for one or many companies) or starting up with a new business idea.

Support includes:

  • Training - everything you will need to know to be successful and sustainable in your chosen venture

  • Mentoring - by your own choice of industry mentor (from a pre-vetted list, and you will meet every one of them at an informal event)

  • £3,000 Business Grant  - this is a reimbursement grant which you do not have to pay back

  • Peer Support - this will provide you with a support group of people from all different backgrounds and different self-employment areas who are all going through the same thing as you - you are never alone!

  • Networking Opportunities - throughout start up and the first vital stages of growth we provide you with opportunities to practice 'soft' networking skills with potential suppliers, customers and ambassadors of your product(s)/service(s)

  • Ongoing Information, Advice and Guidance - Our Government qualified (SFEDI) business advisors are on hand whenever you need us . . . and we love to stay updated with everyone we work with.

  • Funding - for those looking for large pots of start-up growth capital we have a full UK wide database of funding options tailored to you and your idea.  We will sit with you and personalise the resulting report especially for your needs.

Our innovative approach offers one of the best means of establishing yourself and improving your chances of survival for the future, in fact our current stats are that almost 80% of the people we work with are still growing their ventures three years later!

For more information visit the Be Inspired website.