Multi Faith Chaplaincy

What you can expect from us

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The multifaith chaplaincy is here for you

We seek to:

Create 'space'.

  • safe space, social space, quiet space, sacred space.
  • "a place to be, a place to meet, a place to hang out with your mates - a place to meditate or pray."
  • a place to discover that 'still, small voice of calm.'

Be a resource.

  • to provide resources, in terms of space and facilities, to student and staff faith groups
  • to be a resource, as a team, to staff and students, as companions on the journey through life at the University
  • to provide encouragement and to be a source of spiritual support

Build Bridges.

  • to build bridges with the local community and in particular, faith communities.
  • to encourage engagement between the University and local faith communities.
  • to make the resources of these communities more readily available to our students.