We all experience problems and difficulties that affect our mental wellbeing and as a student, you may well find yourself experiencing such difficulties.  These difficulties might be related to issues and events at university or they might be connected to previous experiences or issues in your personal life.  Counselling offers the opportunity to talk to someone in a supportive setting, hopefully enabling you to find ways of managing or overcoming your difficulties, so that you can fulfil your potential in your studies and enjoy your time here at Staffordshire University. 

We offer counselling at the Stoke and Stafford sites and you can access us at any point whilst you are a student at the University. If counselling is not helpful or appropriate, we can also refer you to other support services, both within and external to the University.

You can email, telephone or visit us in person to make an appointment. (See contact details below.)

Please note that our e-mail address is for enquiries and making appointments only. It is checked during opening hours by our admin team who will respond to your request, usually within one working day of receiving your email (excluding weekends, Public Holidays and occasional days when we are closed).

If you feel you need support urgently, please phone or visit us in person during opening hours, so that we can arrange an appointment with a Counsellor or one of the Student Wellbeing Advisors as quickly as possible. (Also see Emergency Support for other options, particularly if you are seeking support outside our opening times.)

Opening hours: 8.45am – 5.00pm Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays).


If you are a Staffordshire University student studying at a Partner institution and wish to access counselling, you will need to do this at the institution where you are studying. For a list of Partner institutions, please see UK Partnerships and International Partnerships. 


Access in person via the Student Hub in the Science Centre
t: +44 (0)1782 294976

What students have said about us

Each year we ask students for feedback about the service we provide in the form of a questionnaire.  Here is a selection of positive comments we have received that you may find helpful if you are thinking about coming for counselling.

  • I am certain that without the help and skills provided by the counselling service, I would not have passed my degree. In fact on several occasions I would have as they say  'thrown in the towel' but because I knew I had the service behind me, it was a much welcomed and inspirational experience. Rated by me and many others OUTSTANDING.

  • .......really helped me get what was bothering me into the foreground and address it in my own way and my own time. ........The staff - from the reception to the counsellor ......... were understanding and courteous, and are certainly a reason as to why i am still attending the university.

  • The Student Enabling Centre provided me with a non-judgemental area to express my worries and issues. The counsellors I saw were helpful and friendly and assured me that any issues I had with work or university weren't trivial even if they were only temporary issues.

  • Highly recommend counselling for anyone with a issue(s) they may have and need to get off their chest. Staff are fantastic there and are really supportive. I only went for the one session because i only needed the one and i felt millions better after!!!

  • At the risk of sounding dramatic, I wouldn't have made it through the last year at uni without the counselling service, and i feel possibly wouldn't even be alive now......