Steps to Success: An Integrated Induction Framework for New Staff

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The induction of staff, either newly appointed or recently promoted, is a critical stage in their development.  By investing time and resources into this period, it is hoped that each member of staff will quickly become confident and competent in their new role. In this way, a high performance culture can be sustained, and the transition of staff from 'new' to 'experienced' is fully enabled and supported. It is acknowledged that induction is not a 'quick fix' but rather a phase in which a number of different positive development processes and resources can be accessed.

Induction Resources for Managers

The following resource may be useful if you are planning an induction for a new member of staff in your department:

Policies and Procedures to support newly appointed managers:

Making The Difference: An Introduction to Equality

As part of their induction to the University, all new members of staff receive an invitation to attend a workshop on equality and diversity entitled 'Making the Difference'. This session is compulsory and forms part of our commitment to eliminating discrimination and advancing and promoting equality. For further details or to book a place please contact Clare Harp on ext. 2775 or email