Research Informed Teaching Projects


This web-area presents some of the research informed teaching projects that have been undertaken at Staffordshire University.  Faculties/Schools have won bids for Research Informed Teaching funding, and are able to use this funding as appropriate in the context of their subject provision.  However, a proportion of the funding is used to support developments and initiatives that extend across more than one subject area within a Faculty/School.

What do these projects aim to achieve?

Understanding of how to link teaching and research/consultancy is still developing.  Research informed teaching projects aim to highlight innovative ways of demonstrating and promoting the research-teaching link.  The classification below gives examples of possible research informed teaching projects:

  1. Developing student appreciation of research/consultancy in the discipline.
  2. Development of student research/consultancy skills (explicitly, in addition to other disciplinary and generic skills).
  3. Using teaching and learning based processes which simulate research processes (e.g. project-based modules, dissertation modules, inquiry based learning etc).
  4. Using assignments which involve elements of research processes (e.g. literature reviews, bidding for grants, drafting bids or project outlines, analysing existing project data, presenting at a 'conference').
  5. Giving students first hand experience of research based consultancy (whether commercial or pro-bono) (e.g. as an 'intern', as work-based learning, as a consultant assistant, or as a laboratory assistant).
  6. Bringing data/findings from staff research/consultancy into the curriculum.

Further Information

Further examples and more information about research informed teaching can be found in the following documents:

  • Alan Jenkins and Mick Healey (2005) Institutional Strategies to Link Teaching and Research, Higher Education Academy
  • Alan Jenkins, Mick Healey and Roger Zetter (2007) Linking Teaching and Research in Disciplines and Departments, Higher Education Academy
  • Higher Education Academy - Resources page

Project Titles from 2005

  1. Classic Glacial Landforms: The Deglaciation of Glen Etive, South-West Scottish Highlands (PDF, file size: 14.61KB)
    by Tim Harris and Fiona Tweed (Geography)
  2. Development of a basic research culture amongst undergraduate Forensic Science (PDF, file size: 222.94KB)
    by Dr John Casella (Forensic Science)
  3. Using information literacy as a means of promoting the research process in Level 1 students (PPT, file size: 284.5KB)
    by Geoff Walton (Information Services) and Jamie Barker (Sport and Exercise)
  4. Expectations and perceptions of a particular group of Chinese MBA students and graduates (PDF, file size: 42.5KB)
    by Iona Huang and Wyn Jenkins (Business and Law)
  5. Alternative methods for distributing learning material in graphic based subjects (PDF, file size: 2.45MB)
    by David Cheshire, Neil Hart, Tony Smith, Huw Thomas and Adrian Tooth (Computing, Engineering & Technology)