i-Wood encourage you to follow the paperless process

So far this year we have saved the equivalent of 11.6 fir trees!

i-Wood encourage you to follow the paperless process and save paper

For Green Impact 2013, Executive undertook a Green Excellence project (PDF, file size: 219.92KB) .  This project is based on paperless meetings, originally trialled by Executive and Governors and now being rolled out to senior management.  The purpose of the project is to keep a log of how much paper we can save, by avoiding printing meeting papers where we can and by using iPads effectively and efficiently (PDF, file size: 584.04KB) .

The following pages will give you all the information you need to guide you through the paperless process and record your progress.

Did you know that one fir tree produces the equivalent of 16.5 reams of paper (8,250 sheets).  By encouraging your colleagues to follow the paperless process and combining our efforts, we could save the equivalent of a small wood.

If an average set of meeting papers is 50 pages and you have 10 attendees all printing out their papers, you have already wasted a ream of paper, now times this by 16 and that's the equivalent of a fir tree!

Lets all work together to follow the paperless process and see how many trees we can save.

The Executive Team and Governing Board have embraced the use of i-pads to support paperless meetings.  Rather than carrying large amounts of documents to meetings, we now use i-pads on which papers are combined into one single pdf document.  The pdf is filed on the Dropbox system enabling access from an i-pad, tablet, laptop or via the internet.   Documents can be annotated in the meeting, amended, saved and emailed instantly. The benefit of an i-pad is that you can carry all your essential documents with you, filed electronically and easily accessible.  Not only have we saved paper, but also staff time in printing, photocopying, collating papers, printer toner, postage, etc.   The system also enables access to the papers from wherever we are working including work, home or even overseas. 


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