The Estates team is committed to the provision of a safe, secure and high quality learning, living and leisure environment that meets the needs and expectations of a diverse range of students, staff and customers. Our service offers support to all faculties, schools and services throughout the University. In doing so, we recognise the importance of being able to identify who we are, the services we provide and how to obtain them.

Mission Statement

Continually demonstrate professionalism and stewardship of the estate to all its stakeholders.

Our Buildings and Estate

Estates are responsible for the management of the University's land and buildings at Stoke-on-Trent (College Road and Leek Road campuses) and Centre of Excellence Stafford. The University also has a campus at Lichfield and occupies NHS property at Shrewsbury.

Property Portfolio


The Maintenance Team:

Day to day maintenance of the University buildings is carried out by the in-house team, supported by external contractors.

Help Desk 
The Property Desk deals with requests for repairs and maintenance to University owned and managed premises. All requests for maintenance should be sent to the Property Desk. Estates operate a service level agreement policy. Vital aspects of the service are set out and agreed between the service provider and the service users. 

Long Term Maintenance Programme (LTM)

The LTM operates from a base standard using a Condition Survey coupled with a preventative maintenance programme of works.  A pre-planned maintenance programme exists which includes future maintenance  planning.

Property Maintenance

The functions of the Buildings and Estates team are the planning, procurement and delivery of maintenance of buildings (both re-active and planned), capital and refurbishment projects. All of these are achieved in accordance with current legislation including the Disability Discrimination Act, Construction Design Management Regulations, The Building Regulations, Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations etc. The team is also responsible for the maintenance of the utilities infrastructure and supplies. To achieve the above portfolio, Buildings and Estates is organised into operational teams.


Day to day and planned maintenance of the University buildings is carried out by the in-house team, supported by external contractors.

Statutory Maintenance

The Estates department ensures that all works are compliant with current obligations.

DDA/Access Audit
The legislation requires public bodies to promote equality of opportunity for people with disabilities. Estates has commissioned a campus wide Access Audit which serves to inform accessibility planning.

Health and Safety
The department observes the current Health and Safety legislation to ensure safety throughout all areas of responsibility.

Policies and Procedures
The department operates in accordance with current operational policies and procedures

Equality and Diversity
Equality is about treating people with respect and dignity, and providing everyone with opportunities to fulfil their potential. Diversity brings a huge range of benefits for the University. The more diverse our staff and students populations are, the more we will all benefit due to the rich mix of backgrounds, heritages, ages, experiences and skills that spark innovation and create a rewarding and vibrant community. Estates works to support the University in this important area.

Estates adheres to legislative bodies requirements.